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Athens, Greece

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No trip to Athens could be complete without a visit to the Ancient Agora! Skip the busy lines with a fast track e-ticket and waltz in this unique site with a fascinating audio tour on your phone. Download the tour on your smartphone and follow, at your own pace, the riveting journey of the evolution of Athenian democracy as you enjoy a visit to the most dynamic archaeological site of Athens.

Your tour begins with a comprehensive introduction to the chain of events that made democracy possible in ancient Athens. At the foot of the hill where the temple of Hephaestus still stands radiant, you’ll learn about Solon, whose legal reforms paved the way for the formation of the earliest civil society in world history. Just uphill from the Tholos, take a glimpse of the ruined Bouleuterion, where 500 Athenians met daily to draw up laws and proposals presented to the city’s popular assembly. As you continue your walk, anecdotal stories from the lives of bright Athenian personalities, such as Aristides the Just and glorious Pericles, will come alive through the original and fun content of your expertly designed audio guide. The exhibits in the Museum of the Agora are bound to fascinate you, providing a rich pool of information on the ingenious, yet at times cruel, methods used by the Athenians to defend their democracy from any malign influence. Enjoy picture-postcard vistas to the Acropolis from the hill of Pnyx and the Rock of Ares, while later as you ascend on the hill of Philopappos, you’ll discover the prison of Socrates and gain some important insights into the life and death of the great Athenian philosopher.

Your tour ends within easy reach of the Acropolis archaeological site, in front of the theatre of Dionysus, where you’ll marvel at the oldest theatre of the world and the actual place where the tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides were once staged.   


  • Solon, the first legislator

    1. Solon, the first legislator

    How did democracy arise? Which Wise Man of Greece sacrificed himself for the good of his homeland? How important are laws?
  • The Monument of the Eponymous Heroes

    2. The Monument of the Eponymous Heroes

    Which tyrant’s grandson introduced equality under the law? Who were the heroes who gave birth to the first tribes? If you lived in ancient times, which tribe would you belong to?
  • Ostracism. Museum of the Ancient Agora

    3. Ostracism. Museum of the Ancient Agora

    Ostracism, just or exile? Can you leave within ten days for ten years? Can you ostracize yourself? Did Themistocles ostracize and become ostracized? A series of ostracisms!

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AddressAncient Agora of Athens
Starting pointAdrianou 24, Athens (Metro station Monastiraki)
Finishing pointRigillis 10, Athens
  • Entrance fee/adult e-ticket for the Ancient Agora
  • Skip-the-line service (ticket sent to your email)
  • Self-guided audio tour for your smartphone (Android & iOS) in English
  • Offline content with an offline interactive map to avoid roaming charges
  • Live Guide
  • Smartphone or headphones
  • Food and drinks
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Transportation
  • Internet access might be unavailable & mobile signal may be weak in the Ancient Agora
Know before you book
  • This is a combination of a skip-the-line ticket & a downloadable self-guided audio tour for your smartphone
  •  No live guide will accompany you. No VR / AR is included
  • After booking, you will receive an email with further instructions for your tickets and the audio tour. Please check your email spam folder as well
  • An Android or iOS smartphone is required. The required size for the app & the tour is 100-150 MB.  Please note that Windows phones are not compatible with the app
  • The audio tour can be used repeatedly online and offline
Know before you go
  • Keep in mind that internet access might be unavailable & mobile signal may be weak in the archaeological site. So please download the e-ticket and audio tour on your smartphone prior to your visit in order to enjoy it offline
  • Skip-the-line and proceed to the validating machines. Tickets need to be printed or downloaded on your phone
  • Use your headphones to best enjoy it
  • EU Students & minors can enter for free with their ID or passport. It is required for them to queue to receive their zero-value pass
  • Non-EU Students & participants over 65 y.o are entitled to reduced tickets but they will need to queue at the ticket office
  • Not all points of interest are wheelchair accessible
  • There is no internet access in the archeological site & mobile signal is weak
AreasAncient Agora, Areopagus & Philopappos Ηills, Theatre of Dionysus

Why take a self-guided tour?

This is a self-guided tour based on the award-winning storytelling concept developed by Clio Muse and the fascinating narratives prepared by our handpicked destination experts.

You can enjoy each multilingual tour by using your smartphone or tablet at your own pace even if you are offline. The interactive map on your screen will guide you step-by-step as you explore all points of interest along your route. Each stop comes with a selection of our signature stories allowing you to tailor the tour experience to your personal interests and schedule.

After downloading Clio Muse app, you can access this tour and activate it any moment you wish and also repeat it any time. To best enjoy our multimedia self-guided tour (comprising maps, video, audio and text) we recommend the use of headphones.

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