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Being the largest island in Greece and the 5th largest in the Mediterranean Sea, Crete boasts a diverse and wild landscape. Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion and Lasithi are the four regions you’ll meet as you travel from the west to east. Each one of them has an abundance of cultural and natural wonders to explore. Along the way you’ll come across wetlands and pastures, endless sandy coasts and narrow rocky bays, vast canyons and mountain complexes.

However, Crete is also popular for its rich history.

Follow the traces of the Minoan civilization in the island’s archaeological sites with Clio Muse Tours’ self-guided audio tours. The breathtaking Palace of Knossos is a place rich in history and culture.

The myths and tales, narrated by professional authors and historians, will take you on a fascinating journey in ancient Greece.

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