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28 countries

About Clio Muse Tours

We connect the tourism and the culture industries

Clio Muse Tours was founded in 2014 to promote the world’s cultural heritage by using modern technology tools. We have created over 450 self-guided tours in over 35 countries in collaboration with tour guides, museums and organizations.

Our diverse team of accredited professionals

Our secret recipe to success is the people behind the company and our common passion to put together culture and travel experiences. We support diversity, creativity and equality and we're proud of the work culture we've built.

Meet our team

Our brief storyline

Our mission

We create products to stimulate the best experience for cultural heritage visitors through constant innovation, while safeguarding inclusiveness, transparency, mindful fun, and respect to our team and customers

Our vision

We aim to generate universal cultural awareness and guide you in every part of the world, utilizing pioneering technology.

The Clio Muse Explorer

We have created 532 tours in 28 countries. Follow our journey so far with the Clio Muse Explorer and pick a place to listen to the world’s fascinating stories.

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