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COVID-19: Enjoy all virtual tours on discount


Fuel your wanderlust during coronavirus!

Clio Muse Tours team may be working remotely at the moment but that doesn’t mean that we’re slacking off. Instead, we are doing our bit to make this situation as pleasant as possible for everyone. Scientists and experts are giving their essential advice for protecting ourselves and staying healthy during the coronavirus outbreak, we, on […]

7 Facts about the Ancient City and Tale of Troy

The esteemed war for control of the city of Troy between the Trojans and the Greeks was a true epic. It is believed by some to be naught more than a fiction like the mythology it centers around, while others believe the war and its heroes actually happened and existed.  The 19th century proved the […]

Sometimes it is Greek to me too

Reading ‘Greek to me. Adventures of the Comma Queen’ by Mary Norris Mary Norris has been a hero of mine for some time now. After decades of working as a copy editor for The New Yorker, she became known to the public as the Comma Queen through her video series on language and all its […]

The Human Form in Greek Painting – 20th century

This winter the Theoharakis Foundation, continuing its successful course in organizing exhibitions that stand out presents seventy-three unique paintings that aim to highlight the appeal of the Human Form in the history of 20th-century Greek painting. The artworks are from the collections of the National Gallery-Alexandros Soutsos Museum and the E. Koutlidis Foundation. The exhibition, […]

”My Museum”: The Museum as the Living Room of Society

This year’s Museum Conference, ”My Museum”: The Museum as the Living Room of Society, opened the discussion on the potential success of the Third Place model and explored how the museums could be places of intercultural dialogue, activism and community engagement. Every year, the annual Museum Conference is getting bigger and better: it has now […]

30% discount: 10 tours you should buy now!

Having guided 28.000 travelers during 2019, we decided to begin 2020 on the most positive note possible, giving to all of you a 30% discount on our tours, as a thank you for your support. Choosing just a couple of tours could be really difficult, especially when their content is so different and includes various […]

Topkapi Palace: the political center of the Ottoman Empire

Topkapi Palace is the largest and oldest palace in the world to survive to this day and the depository of many treasures. Among them, one of the biggest diamonds in the world, the most sacred relics of Islam, a map with the first depiction of America, excellent quality Chinese porcelain, rare Islamic gilded miniatures and […]

Houston we have the first Moon Tour

Are you wondering what is the Moon Tour all about? Clio Muse Τοurs in collaboration with Pamela Gay*, distinguished astronomer and assistant research professor at NASA, released this special, out of this world tour for you, who would like to ask so many questions to an astronaut and of course travel to the Moon! As […]

Acropolis Museum vs National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Both the Acropolis Museum and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens are pretty remarkable, well-known museums worldwide with important exhibits. However, which one will be the winner of this crash test? The Acropolis Museum Designed by the architect Bernard Tschumi with Michael Photiadis, the museum was completed in 2009 after many years of planning. It […]

Clio Muse Tours’ New Year’s Resolutions

Some moments before, we say our goodbyes to 2019, the team is reflecting on the new year’s resolutions sharing its goals and wishes for 2020! May the force be with us! Start drinking more water while working. It’s ok to pee more… Stop wondering where all my salary goes. I spend it on food obviously. […]