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Searching for Homer in Chios island

Looking for a paradise in the north Aegean Sea rich in history and full of traditions? Then Chios is the right place for you. Located in the northern Aegean Sea, the island is famous for the exclusive production of mastic for the medieval villages and for being home to Homer, the legendary author of the […]

A full Guide to Lasithi, Crete: The Best Places to See

Lasithi, one of the most magical places on the island of Crete, is well- known for the enchanting waters that paint its beaches, it’s steep but at the same time beautiful mountains and its secluded places that charm any visitor along the way.Situated in a more secluded place than the other prefectures of Crete, Lasithi […]

The dietary habits of Minoans that survive to this day

If you have been to Crete even once in your life, you’re already familiar with the excellent tastes and smells of the traditional dishes that never miss from any family table. What are the origins of these dishes though and which ones of the nutritional habits of Minoans survive to this day? A place’s culture […]

Clio Muse Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic found Clio Muse Tours in the midst of exciting upcoming collaborations and new beginnings. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented pandemic, we were forced to slow down our plans for expansion to new destinations in order to protect our team and secure the company’s future. This decision helped us stay united and to […]

The Launch of Clio Muse Virtual Tour Experiences

Clio Muse Tours launched its first 23 virtual tour experiences in the first two weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. We didn’t start from zero but we are proud to say that we made it happen while working remotely and struggling to cope with the new reality COVID-19 brought. Counting already six years […]

Cologne Cathedral: Clio Muse has a new Audio Tour

Just a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and a few weeks after the lockdown ended in Greece, we had the opportunity to expand to the sixth country in a row. Clio Muse audio tour to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany was launched on July 6, 2020, marking one more exciting collaboration with GetYourGuide. […]

Know Before you Go: The story of Seville Cathedral

The awe-inspiring Seville Cathedral is one of the largest churches in Christendom and the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world. However, initially, it was a mosque built by the Almohads. Find out its story and get prepared for your visit to one of Spain’s well-known landmarks. Throughout history, great temples have been adapted to new […]

Visit Rethymno: 6 Places that Unravel the City’s History

One of the most picturesque cities on the island of Crete, Rethymno offers plenty of opportunities for day and night. Before you leave the city to head to the island’s dreamy beaches, take a stroll at these 6 places that bear witness to Rethymno’s past. The scenic old port The port has always been a […]

A brief history of the Alhambra Palace

“I do not know what to call this land upon which I stand. If what is beneath my feet is paradise, then what is the Alhambra? Heaven?” wrote the Golden Age Spanish novelist Lope de Vega when he first visited Alhambra Palace. Take a look at Alhambra’s brief history and check out our audio preview […]

The History of Royal Alcázares: Gate to East and to West

Traveling to Spain, especially in the south, it is always an opportunity to enjoy artistic hybridization, generated by the diverse cultures that in certain periods have coexisted in the territory. Dive into the history of the Royal Alcázares of Seville and learn every hidden detail of the spectacular landmark. In ancient times and during the […]