5 Getaways near Athens that will amaze you!

A charming city, full of historic adventures and busy streets, Athens is definitely worth visiting, at least once in your life. However, after a few days, you may feel like exploring other near destinations as well, less busy & more summerish! So here they are, five recommendations, five splendid destinations that I would suggest to […]

Poet of Sculpture – Kostas Varotsos

Poet of sculpture. Costas Varotsos. He is a city artist whose need for creation stems from the city and gradually expresses the city. The basic materials used are stone, iron and especially glass. He uses the latter in almost every project, because it best describes space and time. Sculptor with a domestic but mainly international […]

Dressing up for the occasion!

We were named after the muse Clio (as Eugenia explained already) and our first formal outfit was given to us by an enthusiastic company from Syros Industrial Design School. Back then, we were looking for a logo that all venues would love to stick on their walls, next to their most precious exhibition artifacts. And this […]

The Story of Muse Clio

Since we’ve started Clio Muse, 6 years ago, very often, partners, friends & travelers ask us about our brand name and what’s the story of Muse Clio. Thus, let me introduce you to Clio, daughter of Zeus and prime mover of the development of liberal and fine arts in Ancient Greece. Clio was the muse […]

8 Summer Festivals that worth visiting Greece!

Are you planning a trip to Greece this Summer? Well, if yes then this was an awesome idea! Greece is famous for the sunny weather & the beautiful islands but I can tell you, it offers much more than that. A genuinely gifted country that meets everyone’s desires and fulfills different vacation needs, from wellness […]

5 Books, Ideal for Summer Time!

Summer is around the block and, for some of us, now is the time we can read undistracted at last! So here are 5 recommendations that made us want to read them asap. Miss Ex Yugoslavia by Sofija Stefanovic You’ve heard of Miss America, Miss Universe, and Miss World – but Miss Ex-Yugoslavia? Now that’s […]

Delphi: Stuck in Line with Pythia

Have you ever explored Delphi? If not, then you definitely should! There are many fascinating stories for this magnificent archeological site that numbers thousands of years. Here’s a fiction story that came to my mind after taking the “Delphi, the Google of the ancient world” tour.   “On the 7th of every month, except the […]

Top 3 Museums of Athens

Three must-visit museums, three different points in history to discover Athens and three self-guided audio tours to assist you in exploring them independently. The Acropolis Museum, the National Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the City of Athens allow you to travel back and forth in time, starting from the Athens of Pericles, wander among […]

Explore Athens in one day!

A quick trip is always a good idea but sometimes there are so many things to do in a city that you can easily feel overwhelmed. This is especially so in Athens, a city of wonders with tremendous history, high-profile museums, unique archaeological sites, exceptional gastronomy and numerous entertainment options. In case you have just […]

Mechlembe, the First of His Name

For some time now we are working on organizing the material we have collected over the years, to be able to easily and quickly locate whatever we are looking for. As the company grows and adds new tours (approximately two per month), it is paramount that order reigns among our files, that seem to multiply […]

Luther’s many faces

Every tour for Clio Muse is an exciting process of discovery. It was mid-summer in 2016 when I first heard about the possibility of writing about the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther. At the time I was lying on some rocks, basking in the summer sun and enjoying the warm sea of Attica. On hindsight, […]

Guests of the President

The speech by Barack Obama at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation was a fascinating experience. The long wait, the security measures with the conspicuous presence of the American security agents, and the imposing surroundings created an impressive background. The remarks were a confirmation of ClioMuse’s philosophy regarding the importance of new ideas. Innovation, creativity, and perseverance, […]