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This year’s World Tourism Day invites us to Rethink Tourism towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future. Putting people and the planet first and bringing stakeholders together with local communities are the pillars on which this shift can happen.    The tourism industry has irreversibly changed after the pandemic. Digital media is here to stay, […]
European Heritage Days 2022 are here, and archaeological sites and museums around the world celebrate them with free or reduced admission and special events throughout the weekend. Clio Muse Tours celebrates this special occasion by offering you 20% off all our audio tours (get them now, enjoy at your pace). Enjoy the offer in 3 […]
Chania is beautiful, compelling, and boasts plenty of interesting things to see and do. Here you have the six not-to-be-missed!   1. The Old Town The number one destination on your trip to Chania is the Old Town (Palia Poli) which carries a lot of history behind its beautiful stores and buildings. It used to […]
Giorgos Chatzigeorgakidis always focuses on the experience; A frictionless experience for our users and a slow, authentic, and immersive travel experience for himself. Giorgos is an urban lover, music aficionado, and local flavors enthusiast, always with the most exciting Clio Muse stories on his headphones.   Follow his steps.   When and where did you […]
Spinalonga is a small island located on the northeast side of Crete, mostly known for being a leper colony a little after the Cretan liberation from the Ottomans in 1898. But even though the leper colony was a vital part of its history, Spinalonga has even more things to be remembered for. 1. Spinalogka’s name […]
Summer is all around us, and we can’t stop daydreaming about our sunny getaways. This summer, sea or mountain, island or city, whatever you choose to wander in, explore it with a Clio Muse Tour! Eleni Chaviatzi, Junior Software Engineer, describes herself as a curious traveler who enjoys exploring a destination like a local. Let […]
The discovery of the royal tombs of Philip II and Alexander IV, sons of Alexander the Great and Roxane, in November 1977 is among the seminal moments of Greek archaeology. The importance of the finds and the wealth of grave goods that accompanied the illustrious dead transformed the history of ancient Greece and necessitated an […]
Strolling through the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid (known as MAN) is a journey through the history of Spain since prehistoric times. In this blog post, we offer a brief summary of 10 selected items you cannot miss on a visit to this museum, the most extensive archaeological collection in Spain.   1. Watcher Out […]
It’s always a pleasure to share our experience and insights with an international audience, and it’s also great to be featured in stories about the most promising startups in Europe! Slovenian public television gave us this opportunity this time, and we are deeply grateful for it. On a warm day in late May, we welcomed […]
Imagine you are planning a trip to visit Hong Kong. Victoria Peak will definitely be on the top of the list, no matter how long it is and the purpose. Densely packed skyscrapers, colorful match boxes of residential complexes, and the vibrant Victoria Harbor, embellished with breathtaking landscapes, this astounding view from the highest hill […]
The history of the Sempione park began centuries ago, specifically back in 1392, when Gian Galeazzo Visconti, the Duke of Milan, ordered to surround the whole area with an extensive moat to safeguard the game. From that date till now, many curiosities and legends have been related to this beautiful oasis in the center of […]
Nestled in the heart of the Kreta Ayer district in Chinatown sits a monumental building dedicated to the veneration of the Buddha Tooth Relic. Did this Tooth actually come from Buddha? How did it get here? What is its significance in Buddhism? If you would like to be enlightened about the history, art, and practices […]
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