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October is a magical time to explore Europe, with the crisp air, vibrant fall foliage, and fewer crowds, making it an ideal month for travel. If you’re planning a getaway within the Old Continent, consider these five captivating destinations: Orange, Rome, Valletta, Granada, and London. In this blog, we’ll guide you through these charming cities […]
This year’s World Tourism Day theme, “Tourism and Green Investments,” calls for a profound shift in the tourism industry’s approach. It centers on making tourism more sustainable and environmentally friendly, emphasizing the importance of directing financial resources towards eco-friendly practices. For us at Clio Muse Tours, this theme is not just a reflection of global […]
The Thalis Awards was established in 2019 with a dedicated mission: to honor excellence, innovation, and significant contributions in the business world. Its fundamental objective is to pay homage to individuals and organizations that drive substantial transformations in the business landscape through their visionary accomplishments, all while underscoring a deep commitment to fostering meaningful change. […]
Be it a single, double, or triple-day adventure in Lisbon, our thoughtfully curated suggestions guarantee an enriching visit. Designed for the spontaneous, the weary, and the time-strapped, we aim to kindle inspiration and equip you with the essentials to create lasting memories on your extraordinary journey. Lisbon in 1 Day  Should your time in Lisbon […]
  As the summer sun mellows into the embrace of autumn, the picturesque island of Santorini takes on a new charm that’s nothing short of enchanting. With its balmy weather, fewer crowds, and captivating landscapes, September presents the ideal opportunity to uncover the hidden treasures of this Aegean gem.   A Tranquil Escape from the […]
As the summer sun starts to mellow and the leaves begin to swap their green coats for a symphony of warm hues, September emerges as the savvy traveler’s secret weapon for epic adventures that won’t drain your bank account. Picture this: a world where the tourist masses have dwindled, prices have dipped, and your wanderlust […]
Picture this: as the last rays of summer , a gentle breeze sweeps through the streets of Seville, whispering secrets of a city ready to reveal its autumn magic. Welcome to Seville in September, where the streets echo with history, the air tingles with energy, and every corner promises adventure. Buckle up because we’re about […]
As the sun bids farewell to summer, a touch of melancholy sets in. But guess what? We’ve stumbled upon a dazzling secret to shoo away those blues! Brace yourselves because September’s most epic European festival is about to sweep you off your feet!    La Mercè Festival / 22-25 Sept. (Barcelona, Spain)  September in Barcelona, […]
In today’s fast-paced world, where time seems to slip through our fingers like sand, the art of slow travel stands as a peaceful oasis. Unlike the hurried footsteps of tourists, slow travel invites us to immerse ourselves in a place’s essence, embrace its unique rhythm, and savor each moment as it unfolds. Join me as […]
Monuments like the Pena Palace or the Moorish Castle have become icons of Sintra, a region once beloved by British Romantics and its town the center of Portuguese royalty. But there is much else to discover in Sintra, hidden gems built in the middle of lavish forests as places of refuge, love, contemplation, or even […]
Welcome to Athens, the vibrant capital of Greece! While the summer heatwave can be intense, fear not, as we have curated a list of four refreshing ideas to help you beat the heat and make the most of your visit. From self-guided tours to hidden gems and cooling experiences, Athens has plenty to offer during […]
Meet Vasilis, the talented and beloved author behind The Sanctuary of Asclepius: The Land of Healing. In this blog, he shares with us a bit of his life, his studies, and some useful info and off-the-beaten-path tips for the tour. Enjoy!   Tell us a bit about yourself! Ι have studied History and Archaeology at […]
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