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Our message to OTAs

Add top-rated products for the world’s top destinations to your marketplace. Our scalable technology solutions and our award-winning content creation methodology apply to all types of self-guided digital tours. From museum exhibitions, city tours, and road trips, any kind of tour can be on air in less than 60 days. Create your next digital tour from scratch and enrich your platform with high-quality cultural products.

Scalable software
Automated reservation system
High-converting add-on for any product
Unlimited availability

Scalable software

We have built scalable technology tools that offer cutting-edge digital solutions. Create entertaining and educational digital tours with images, texts, audio recordings, maps, and 360° photographs.

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Automated reservation system

Our automated reservation system serves booking processes of audio tours, virtual tour experiences, and skip-the-line tours, ensuring fast connectivity and confirmations with no effort from your side.

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High-converting add-on for any product

Digital tours can be the ideal add-on to any travel product enhancing the customers’ overall experience.

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Unlimited availability

Digital tours offer unlimited availability and are always accessible to a worldwide audience.

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Why work with us?

We are the leading self-guided audio tour supplier for Greek products and a rapidly growing product provider in more than 23 countries worldwide. We were one of the first Greek companies to launch and distribute digital tours through the world’s leading OTAs. Today, our bookings are automatically registered and served without any effort from the distributor’s side.

Increase your revenue with top selling products
Enhance your clients’ experience with our award-winning content methodology
Disengage from customer support
Potential to become an add-on to every product
Commission-based pay
Extra revenue stream

Why OTAs trust us?

  • Top products

    We give you access to high-quality and high-performing products.

  • Global network of partners

    We collaborate with professionals and key industry players around the world.

  • Scalable model to create products

    You gain flexibility and scalability to create and update your products according to your needs.

  • Seamless connectivity

    All bookings are smoothly served through our continuous and consistent connectivity solutions.

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