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Natalie Rademacher

Arcadia University

As a university student studying journalism and psychology, I found my niche was with writing content for Clio Muse. The small staff size allows each employee to bring their own unique talents to the table and I was able to use my people-person and writing skills to help promote tours and write articles – and I got to learn a few fun things and meet some cool people while doing it.

If my American English had not given it away already, I am from the United States. When I am not interning at Clio Muse and adventuring around Greece, I am a student at the University of Minnesota and editor of a newspaper. For the past few months I have had the opportunity to live and study in Athens at Arcadia University through a study abroad program. Besides studying I have been hiking a lot. I even ran the original Marathon route for fun one day to the dismay of my peers. While my Greek language skills continue to be a work-in-progress, I have learned many other valuable skills here, especially through my internship at Clio Muse. My biggest takeaway from this internship is that you can go a long way if you love the work that you do. Clio Muse has taught me that you can do a lot if you have a few passionate people who truly care about the work they do and I hope to carry this work ethic with me when I leave here.