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Blog - Destinations

10 Things to Know About the National Archaeological Museum

With the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museums stealing the glory, many museums in Athens are often overlooked by travelers. Just to be fair though, the Greek capital has an abundance of sites and museums that is impossible not to leave some out of your itinerary. To save you some time we gathered the 10 things […]

A Day in Athens Like a Tourist with Acropolis Self-Guided Audio Tour

‘’What about experiencing your city as a traveler?’’ and I swear, before that question, I have never thought that I could see Athens as a tourist. Let alone, that an app with a self-guided audio tour would make me feel that way. And why is that? Because I live in Athens and work there. So, […]

Clio Muse Expands With 100 New Self-Guided Audio Tours In 20 Countries

We are more than happy to announce that we’re planning to once more expand to new destinations. Specifically, in 2021 Clio Muse Tours will be releasing 100 new self-guided audio tours in 20 countries reaching by the end of the year a total of 450 self-guided tours in 31 countries. After our expansion in Italy, […]

3-Day Family Trip in Ancient Olympia And Classical Greece

If you are looking for a family vacation itinerary in Ancient Olympia for your summer holidays with kids, combining culture, mythology, history, food and tastings, as well as some leisure on the sandy family-friendly beaches of the Peloponnese, this itinerary is just for you! Read on and plan the perfect family trip to Ancient Olympia. […]

We talked with the grandson of Haim Pardo about his family and “The Jewish heritage: past and present” digital tour

We talked with Victor Asser, the grandson of Haim and Evgenia Pardo, two survivors of the Holocaust in Thessaloniki about history in the past and present. He told us about the story of his family and the Clio Muse digital tour “The Jewish heritage: past and present.” Can you tell us a few things about […]

These Are The Most Impressive Squares In Rome

Rome brims with scenic squares of great historical importance. Some of them are known for their fountains while others boast Rome’s vibrant life. Start your walking tour in the Italian capital and learn the fascinating stories of the city’s worldwide known piazzas. These are the 10 most impressive squares in Rome. St. Peter’s Square Situated […]

Here is Why You Should Visit the Red Light District At Least Once

Ever curious about the history of the most popular neighborhood in Amsterdam? Explore the Red Light District at your own pace and learn the district’s intriguing history. As you take a stroll, observe the area’s architecture, visit the intriguing museums and make a pitstop at one of the cozy cafes. Despite the fact that Red […]

The 10 Top Things to Do in Venice

From glass making and food tasting to sightseeing, and mask making, there are just so many things to do in Venice. Dive into the wonders of the magical Italian and get prepared to be enchanted. Here are the top 10 things to do in Venice for a memorable journey. The Italian city of Venice is […]

5 Reasons to Experience Clio Muse Virtual Tour in Rome

Why take a virtual trip in Rome? Have you ever wanted to visit Rome, but could not travel here? When circumstances do not allow you to take the trip of your dreams, you can always use technology and travel anywhere from the comfort of your living room. Take an immersive virtual tour through Rome and […]

Six Mistakes to Avoid when Planning a Trip to Italy

Most of the time, people merely follow other tourists and copy the itinerary that many of them adopt. Multiple destinations in the world like Australia, Dubai, Greece, Philippines, and Thailand, are so popular that people visit them following the crowd. That’s where one can commit the biggest mistake. They just hit the famous places, eat […]