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Nafplion is among the most popular tourist destinations in mainland Greece. Many Greek cities experienced a rapid period of growth in the 1950s and 1960s that destroyed older neoclassical residences and their replacement with unsightly apartment buildings. By a fortunate twist of fate (or perhaps a series of proactive decisions by the authorities and the […]
Cairo is the largest city in the Arab world. More than twenty million people call it home, making it the sixth most populous city in the world. The Giza pyramid complex and the ancient Egyptian sites of Memphis (the capital of ancient Egypt during the Old Kingdom) and Heliopolis (one of the oldest cities of […]
Greece is the foyer of myths, tragedies, and legendary kings that transformed their kingdom into a wealthy and eternal land commemorated until our days. Mycenae is proof of a rich and powerful city-state that gave its name to an entire civilization that never stops revealing its secrets to us! Clio Muse created a fascinating audio […]
A bit short of two millennia before Christ, Pharaoh Senwosret I (1971-1926 BCE) erected a shrine on the Nile’s East bank at Thebes in honor of the Hermopolitan creator god Amun. In Thebes, mysterious Amun, whose name meant The Hidden One, merged with the Sun God Re, eventually ending as Amun-Re, replacing Thebes’ old patron […]
How does someone go about getting a feel about an unfamiliar city? Especially one as historical and multifaceted as Alexandria? Most western visitors may receive their first introduction to the charms of this metropolis through the incomparable poetry of Constantine Cavafy or the evocative novels of Lawrence Durrell. However, for those able to access Arabic […]
Would you like to feel that you are at the world’s edge, surrounded only by the sea and the sauvage landscape? In that case, Gramvousa is the right place for you. The islet is located on the northwestern part of the island, especially northwest of Kissamos, in the Gramvousa Peninsula. Two islands, one name: Actually, two […]
Thessaloniki is a city with a long history stretching back almost 2400 years. It has been a colorful mosaic of people, cultures, and beliefs throughout the ages and is still expanding, adding tiles day by day and hour by hour. It’s s a great challenge to explore, discover and learn the entirety of the city’s […]
The discovery of the royal tombs of Philip II and Alexander IV, sons of Alexander the Great and Roxane, in November 1977 is among the seminal moments of Greek archaeology. The importance of the finds and the wealth of grave goods that accompanied the illustrious dead transformed the history of ancient Greece and necessitated an […]
Strolling through the National Archaeological Museum of Madrid (known as MAN) is a journey through the history of Spain since prehistoric times. In this blog post, we offer a brief summary of 10 selected items you cannot miss on a visit to this museum, the most extensive archaeological collection in Spain.   1. Watcher Out […]
Imagine you are planning a trip to visit Hong Kong. Victoria Peak will definitely be on the top of the list, no matter how long it is and the purpose. Densely packed skyscrapers, colorful match boxes of residential complexes, and the vibrant Victoria Harbor, embellished with breathtaking landscapes, this astounding view from the highest hill […]
What do you actually know about Lindos? Have you ever heard that it is the most picturesque town on Rhodes? If not, you should probably visit Lindos, because it is more than just a pleasant experience. Lindos is situated some 40 km to the south of Rhodes and lies practically in the middle of the […]
Everyone loves stories.  Some love stories are stronger than others, though. Every Monday, we share the top story of last week, as chosen by Clio Muse Tours’ community.  Enjoy and discover the world with #ClioMuseTours.    “The heart of the Minoan civilization was beating in Knossos. The legendary seat of King Minos, the birthplace of […]
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