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Leonidas Argyros

Historian Archaeologist

A grumpy man with a PhD. He is fascinated by words; when he sees them forming beautiful sentences he feels like an apprentice wizard who just produced fancy potions out of cauldrons full of frog legs and tears of bats. In his spare time he roams about town or watches anything produced and narrated by Sir David Attenborough, an inexhaustible source of similes. In Canada, he learned to love the cold, but he is much happier working in Athens.

Tours by Leonidas Argyros

Posts by Leonidas Argyros

Find your Queer God in Mykonos

Clio Muse remembers the LGBT relationships of the gods in Mykonos. Following the failure of the Venizelist movement in 1935, the royalist government proceeded to persecute many of its prominent political opponents. As part of the displacement, George Papandreou and Alexandros Papanastasiou were exiled to Mykonos. Today it seems almost unthinkable that one of the most […]

Mechlembe, the First of His Name

For some time now we are working on organizing the material we have collected over the years, to be able to easily and quickly locate whatever we are looking for. As the company grows and adds new tours (approximately two per month), it is paramount that order reigns among our files, that seem to multiply […]

Luther’s many faces

Every tour for Clio Muse is an exciting process of discovery. It was mid-summer in 2016 when I first heard about the possibility of writing about the Protestant Reformation and Martin Luther. At the time I was lying on some rocks, basking in the summer sun and enjoying the warm sea of Attica. On hindsight, […]

Guests of the President

The speech by Barack Obama at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation was a fascinating experience. The long wait, the security measures with the conspicuous presence of the American security agents, and the imposing surroundings created an impressive background. The remarks were a confirmation of ClioMuse’s philosophy regarding the importance of new ideas. Innovation, creativity, and perseverance, […]