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Explore Star Ferry Pier

The Star Ferry Pier, nestled along the sparkling waters of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, invites travelers on an enchanting journey that bridges the past with the present. A symbol of the city’s enduring maritime heritage, this historic pier has transported passengers since 1888. Step aboard the iconic Star Ferry and be transported back in time as you traverse the bustling harbor, marveling at the iconic skyline and mountainous backdrop. As you disembark, immerse yourself in the waterfront’s captivating ambiance, where the pier’s old-world charm mingles harmoniously with modern skyscrapers. Stroll along the promenade, capturing picturesque vistas of the city’s vibrant energy and the iconic Victoria Peak in the distance. With its timeless allure and scenic panoramas, the Star Ferry Pier is a captivating landmark of Hong Kong’s rich heritage and cosmopolitan splendor.


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