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Explore Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak, towering majestically above Hong Kong’s urban landscape, lures adventurers into an enchanting escapade that blends natural beauty and urban allure. A symbol of the city’s resilience and dynamism, this peak encapsulates Hong Kong’s vibrant spirit. Ascend to its summit via the historic Peak Tram and be greeted by breathtaking vistas of the iconic skyline and picturesque harbor below. Stroll through lush trails amidst verdant forests and encounter unique flora and fauna. Unveil the past at the Victoria Peak Garden, where old colonial residences harken back to a bygone era. As the sun sets, witness the city’s transformation into a glittering metropolis, painting the night sky with a stunning spectacle. Victoria Peak weaves the city’s present with its past, captivating visitors with its unforgettable charm.


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