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Blog - Company news

Clio Muse Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic found Clio Muse Tours in the midst of exciting upcoming collaborations and new beginnings. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented pandemic, we were forced to slow down our plans for expansion to new destinations in order to protect our team and secure the company’s future. This decision helped us stay united and to […]

The Launch of Clio Muse Virtual Tour Experiences

Clio Muse Tours launched its first 23 virtual tour experiences in the first two weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. We didn’t start from zero but we are proud to say that we made it happen while working remotely and struggling to cope with the new reality COVID-19 brought. Counting already six years […]

Cologne Cathedral: Clio Muse has a new Audio Tour

Just a few months after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak and a few weeks after the lockdown ended in Greece, we had the opportunity to expand to the sixth country in a row. Clio Muse audio tour to the Cologne Cathedral in Germany was launched on July 6, 2020, marking one more exciting collaboration with GetYourGuide. […]

Clio Muse Tours has a New Feature

Our versatile technologies are sustainable and scalable allowing us to expand them with new features. And we love taking advantage of the endless potential that they offer and use them to upgrade the travel experience. Clio Muse Educational Quiz is the latest of our developments. A multiple-choice quiz that can be integrated into any of […]

Clio Muse Tours on the Largest Online Travel Agencies

Today, Clio Muse Tours has an established network of partners including the world’s largest online travel agencies. Our products are sold via GetYourGuide, Viator, TripAdvisor and Booking.com and we recently kicked off a partnership with Headout. Moreover, we are collaborating with KLOOK, TUI, Musement, Expedia and Lonely Planet. Coming this far wasn’t easy and it […]

An introduction to Clio Muse Tours’ Design Department

Clio Muse Tours’ team Clio Muse Tours is a portable storyteller. Our team consists of historians, travel guides, programmers and graphic designers. Each one of them plays a significant role in creating appealing tour experiences for landmarks in 5 countries. We envision to create a global platform that will give travelers access to culture, utilizing […]

Clio Muse Tours for Museums and Culture Institutions

How Clio Muse Tours drives innovation for Museums and Culture Institutions At Clio Muse Tours we always keep an eye on the future: we follow the latest trends on technologies and we pay close attention to the developments in the culture and creative industries. Our aim has always been to generate universal cultural awareness hand […]

”My Museum”: The Museum as the Living Room of Society

This year’s Museum Conference, ”My Museum”: The Museum as the Living Room of Society, opened the discussion on the potential success of the Third Place model and explored how the museums could be places of intercultural dialogue, activism and community engagement. Every year, the annual Museum Conference is getting bigger and better: it has now […]

Clio Muse Tours is Part of the Uni.Fund Portfolio

Based on an innovative storytelling concept developed after extensive research and consumer testing, Clio Muse Tours entered dynamically the start-up scene in 2014. A series of collaborations with renowned museums, prominent cultural institutions and organizations, established Clio Muse Tours’ name in the country’s tourism sector and the culture industry. Over the first four years of […]

Clio Muse Tours’ New Year’s Resolutions

Some moments before, we say our goodbyes to 2019, the team is reflecting on the new year’s resolutions sharing its goals and wishes for 2020! May the force be with us! Start drinking more water while working. It’s ok to pee more… Stop wondering where all my salary goes. I spend it on food obviously. […]