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Clio Muse Tours recently had the honor of being featured in the first Monokeros episode of 2024, a captivating TV show highlighting the Greek Innovation and Technology Ecosystem with host Giannis Dionatos. In this interview, our co-founder and CRO, Daphne, unveils the remarkable journey of three visionaries who, despite being strangers, united to bring people […]
In our latest exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Nassou and her dynamic crew at the Clio Muse Tours headquarters  for a unique feature on the popular ANT1 TV program, “Now, for the Future.” During the engaging conversation, Daphne passionately delved into the intriguing origins of Clio Muse Tours, which sprouted in […]
In a recent interview with Konstantinos Marketos from Uncover Stories, Daphne Tsevreni, our co-founder & CRO, shared fascinating insights into Clio Muse Tours journey, its impact on cultural tourism, and future plans. In their discussion, Daphne candidly shared the challenges that Clio Muse Tours faced as a startup. The initial hurdles were building a unique […]
Our Content Supervisor-Product Manager, Maria, and Head of Product, Christina, teamed up with other authors to explain how virtual tours can help children and youth connect with their country’s historical conflicts like never before. Explore historic sites and learn about important events through immersive experiences that bring history to life. With virtual tours, you can […]
Summer 2022 was amazing. We smashed our traveler’s record, welcomed new team members, updated our portfolio with fresh tours and destinations, and gained some great insights toward sustainable growth. Thank you, Greek Travel Pages, for featuring our key takeaways. Greece is in the spotlight. From June until the end of August, 56,000 travelers explored Greece […]
It’s always a pleasure to share our experience and insights with an international audience, and it’s also great to be featured in stories about the most promising startups in Europe! Slovenian public television gave us this opportunity this time, and we are deeply grateful for it. On a warm day in late May, we welcomed […]
When in Athens, do not miss the New Blue issue of Ready2BOARD, the official magazine of Athens International Airport, “Eleftherios Venizelos,” under the title PHILOXENIA. Thank you so much 2Board for featuring Clio Muse Tours in this magnificent issue. Until you get on board this summer, check what I shared about my sense of hospitality […]
Parnassos and Pelion are the offbeat -and sunnier- alternatives to the Alps, according to The Telegraph, and the renowned travel writer Heidi Fuller-love who traveled to Greece last January and explored Delphi with our self-guided audio tour! Full article here   
Clio Muse Tours was selected as one of the 30 “Game Changers” startups in Greece by the Startupper Mag. The list included 100 Greek companies in total from various industries that form and change the Greek market. At Startupper Mag “Game Changers” 2020, Clio Muse was named as one of the few successful Greek startups […]