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WTM London Saga: A Symphony of Success and Fun!

WTM London 2023 proved to be a pivotal moment for Clio Muse Tours, emerging as a game-changer for our team. With a dynamic crew of six, including four vibrant additions, we embraced the opportunity to shine on the global stage. Beyond achieving milestones and discussing new partnerships, we seasoned our WTM London Saga with ample fun, infusing vibrant energy into every moment.


New Faces, New Vibes

Four Clio Muse Tours members joined the WTM team for the first time, injecting new energy into our dynamic group. Maria, Destinations Research & Product Manager; Fotis, Connectivity Manager; Orsalia, Partnerships Manager; and Anastasia, Account Manager, added a new layer to our approach and presence with their expertise, knowledge, and special skills. 

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Record-breaking connections

At this year’s WTM, we didn’t just attend meetings; we connected with over 200 top tour operators, travel agents & agencies from around the globe! The resounding feedback and genuine interest received during these meetings affirmed that Clio Muse Tours is a frontrunner in shaping the future of audio tours.

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Revolutionizing travel experience

Our focus on the latest technology and top content stood out! We presented our new Clio Muse for Partners tools that flawlessly integrate into existing apps or provide a standalone solution to our partners with or without an existing app, providing a seamless experience to their customers. The positive feedback and interest in collaboration solidified our position as innovators in the industry, reinforcing that Clio Muse Tours is not just setting the bar but raising it for the entire self-guided audio tour landscape!


Dazzling marketing material 

Our booth and marketing materials at WTM London were a source of immense pride for the Clio Muse Tours team! The inaugural booth, a true masterpiece curated with the artistic finesse of Philippos Avramides, captivated attention and emerged as a standout feature. Arguably the most beautiful booth in the travel trade (and it’s not just our opinion!), it was a stunning backdrop for our talks. Each element of our marketing material, thoughtfully crafted by Philippos, contributed to the overall visual appeal and effectively conveyed the essence of our offerings with unparalleled precision and impact.

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Global Expansion on the Horizon

As we gaze into the future, our mission extends beyond mere growth; it encompasses the seamless integration of our innovative technological tools as hassle-free sources of revenue for our partners and the building of stronger alliances with tour operators and cultural partners internationally. Moreover, we are excited about broadening our network to encompass new destinations and landmarks, offering our users an even more diverse and enriching experience. WTM London played a pivotal role as a stepping stone toward realizing these ambitious goals, and soon, you will delve into the collaborations that will emerge. 


WTM Unleashed the Fun

WTM wasn’t just all work and no play—it was an absolute blast! Picture this: networking with tour operators and travel agents worldwide, taking breaks in the exhibition area to immerse ourselves in the fusion of local cultures, regional customs showcases, traditional dance performances, and captivating snapshots from countries and cities you might not have visited but have a wanderlust to explore. Our chit-chats, both inside and outside the exhibition area, were the glue that kept our team tightly bonded, enthusiastically engaged, and consistently motivated throughout more than 200 fruitful meetings—all with a perpetual smile on their faces! Ok, pizza, beer, and some strolling around London helped, too 😛 

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Keep the excitement alive because FITUR Madrid is coming soon, and we can’t wait to meet you there! 

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