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Andreas is our co-founder and CPO. As a conservator of works of art with past work experience in museums in Greece & Italy, he helped us penetrate the tourism & culture industries. He has played a significant part in developing Clio Muse’s storytelling methodology. Daily, he determines product strategies and is the overseer of all matters related to them. Suggest new products and analyze the statistics and performance.

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In January 2024, our team traveled to Madrid, joining Fitur, and engaged with a multitude of successful potential partners who hold significant sway in the global travel industry. Our team members left an indelible mark by showcasing innovative products and services. A diverse crowd, buzzing energy Our awesome crew of IT, product, and sales whizzes […]
Paris, the city of light, is known worldwide for its stunning landmarks and historical monuments. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the magnificent Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Paris boasts many landmarks that testify to its rich cultural heritage and history.   The Eiffel Tower © Rosshelen The Eiffel Tower is arguably the most famous landmark in Paris […]
A new digital interactive guide brings together the 205 currently operating Greek archaeological museums providing all the necessary visit information. This innovative project is an initiative of the Directorate of Archaeological Museums, Exhibitions and Educational Programmes (DAMEEP) and was implemented in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours. The new interactive website features national, regional and […]
Earlier this year we announced that Clio Muse Tours is expanding to 20 more countries with 100 new self-guided audio tours. The time to announce the first batch of releases has arrived and we are excited to be sharing the news. From city walking tours to island excursions and historical tours on the occasion of […]
The award-winning Photography Museum “Christos Kalemkeris” of the Municipality of Kalamaria partnered with Clio Muse Tours for the creation of a virtual tour experience that presents the story of 40 Greek Railway Stations and their important role in the economic, commercial and social development of the country. The virtual tour experience “40 train stations and […]
We are more than happy to announce that we’re planning to once more expand to new destinations. Specifically, in 2021 Clio Muse Tours will be releasing 100 new self-guided audio tours in 20 countries reaching by the end of the year a total of 450 self-guided tours in 31 countries. After our expansion in Italy, […]
Clio Muse Tours was selected as one of the 30 “Game Changers” startups in Greece by the Startupper Mag. The list included 100 Greek companies in total from various industries that form and change the Greek market. At Startupper Mag “Game Changers” 2020, Clio Muse was named as one of the few successful Greek startups […]
I am delighted to say that over 50 Clio Muse tours are available for free on our platform and on the Clio Muse app. I’d like to share with you my favorite free tours, whether audio, virtual or digital but please, feel free to browse the entire list. Clio Muse Tours’ initiative has always been […]
Clio Muse Tours collaborated with the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens for the creation of self-guided tours that highlight the museum’s four permanent exhibitions. 107 unique stories that present the Cycladic Art, the Ancient Greek Art, Cypriot Art, and daily life in antiquity are now available for download via the Clio Muse app. Around […]
The COVID-19 pandemic found Clio Muse Tours in the midst of exciting upcoming collaborations and new beginnings. Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented pandemic, we were forced to slow down our plans for expansion to new destinations in order to protect our team and secure the company’s future. This decision helped us stay united and to […]
Thessaloniki International Fair has become in the last years not only an important meeting point for companies from Greece and abroad, but also a big celebration of technology. Just like last year, Clio Muse participated in the Fair, at the Pavillion 12 of Digital Greece along with other Greek technology companies. There, we met and […]
It is hard to know what an artist had in mind when creating an artwork but, still, we can’t resist the excitement of using our imagination and guesswork to find out more about the background of our favourite artefacts. Here below, you will discover two Aphrodite statuettes revealing two stories of love and lust. Aphrodite […]