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From Scaling Up to Soaring High: A Year in Review from Clio Muse’s CEO

It’s been over two years since I transitioned from COO to CEO at Clio Muse. Entrusted by our investors with the mission of scaling up sustainably, this ambition resonated deeply with our partners at, a venture capital firm committed to fostering long-term success in Greek businesses. Their vision for the next Greek unicorn truly inspired us.

But little did I know the true depths of “scaling up” before embarking on this journey! It meant recruiting the finest minds to create exceptional products and services, ultimately driving revenue growth.

As a new season approaches, I wanted to take a moment to share some of the exciting milestones we achieved in 2023, hoping you’ll find them as thrilling as I do.

Building a Dream Team 

In January 2023, the Clio Muse team consisted of 19 passionate individuals. Today, we’re proud to have a team of 40 talented professionals, representing diverse backgrounds, ages, and skillsets. Recognizing the importance of employee growth, we established a dedicated Human Development Department (not simply “Human Resources”) to nurture and empower our team members’ career aspirations.

dream team

Expanding Our Horizons 

We’ve significantly expanded our product portfolio, evolving from offering 740 products in 19 countries to 1,116 offerings in 27 countries and 14 languages. Each product is meticulously developed by local experts ‚Äď archaeologists, art historians, curators, translators, voice actors, and seasoned tour guides.¬† Then, the product is curated by our dedicated team of Archaeologists and Art Historian, guaranteeing a unified experience of high quality.This ensures a truly authentic and enriching experience for our users.¬†

expanding our horizons

Reaping the Rewards of Growth

A happy and engaged team naturally leads to superior products, which ultimately translates to healthy business growth. This is how we managed this past year to serve nearly 300,000 travelers in 26 countries. We’re thrilled to share that our 2023 revenue grew by 65% compared to 2022, a testament to the collective effort and dedication of our team.

Evolving as an Organization

As we continue to grow, we recently transitioned from a private company to a société anonyme (public limited company). This legal transformation, effective 10/07/2023, enhances our structure and procedures, fostering stronger relationships with investors and the broader market, albeit with some added complexity.

evolving as an organization

Looking Ahead 

On February 14th, 2024, we celebrated 10 years since our app’s launch at our first museum client. And in October 2023, we’ll mark 10 years as a company. Mark your calendars, because a grand celebration awaits!

This past year has been a whirlwind of growth, challenges, and exciting achievements. We’re incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of our team, partners, and investors. As we look towards the future, we’re committed to building upon this momentum, delivering exceptional experiences to our users, and making Clio Muse a leading force in the cultural tourism industry.

P.S. In the photo below, we see a snapshot from our launch night. The three founders are pictured with Ms. Aglaia Archontidou Argyris, then director of the Museum of the City of Athens – Vouros Eutaxia Foundation, where the event took place. In 2023, three days before my birthday, we sadly lost Mrs. Archontidou. Throughout the years, she generously supported us with her experience and expertise in the field of culture. Her guidance was instrumental in developing the award-winning content methodology that sets our products apart. We are honored to now house her personal book collection in our office. It serves as a reminder of her legacy and the importance of balancing work with time for family and friends, even during the busiest seasons.

Museum night