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Gabriela Garcia is behind the words of the Segovia City tour, Granada Cathedral, and Alcázar de Segovia. In this blog, she shares a bit of her life and some tips and information about the tours she wrote. Enjoy! Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Gabriela, and I’m a licensed tour guide in […]
When and where did you last travel?   My last trip was a family trip to Paris one month ago. Although it was a 3-day trip, I was enthusiastic about it, so I tried to see as many sights as possible. I also tried to taste traditional dishes and meet people from Paris because I like […]
Let us introduce you to Ana Santos! Ana is behind the words of Cathedral of Oporto: The heart of Porto, Sintra city tour: a Romantic’s dream, and Cathedral of Oporto: The heart of Porto and Porto City Tour: The city of port-wine. In this blog, Αna shares with us a little bit about her life, […]
Romanos Koutas is our web unicorn! As a front-end developer, he develops new features for Clio Muse Tours’ website! In our small talk, he shares a little of his travel experience and where he would like to travel!   When and where did you last travel?   The last time was some time ago in northern […]
Konstantina Alexopoulou is our Operations Assistant Manager, and her small talk is a dose of travel inspiration. Enjoy! When and where did you last travel? My last trip was a business trip to Frankfurt (Germany) three months ago. Although it was for work, I managed to see several of the city’s sights and get to […]
Once upon a time (about a month ago, actually), we decided to meet and create some stories together as a team. Hint: there was house beer, playing, drawing, tying up (!), and a birthday cake. How does all this come together? On the occasion of our 8th birthday candle, and as we miss each other’s […]
Midway between the two peak seasons for many destinations worldwide, October finds us daydreaming about beaches, islands, city walks, and winter getaways, all at once. On that note, Lucas Simopoulos, Head of IT, shares his latest/ favorite/and upcoming explorations.   When and where did you last travel?   I visited Milan and the Cinque Terre area […]
Giorgos Chatzigeorgakidis always focuses on the experience; A frictionless experience for our users and a slow, authentic, and immersive travel experience for himself. Giorgos is an urban lover, music aficionado, and local flavors enthusiast, always with the most exciting Clio Muse stories on his headphones.   Follow his steps.   When and where did you […]
Summer is all around us, and we can’t stop daydreaming about our sunny getaways. This summer, sea or mountain, island or city, whatever you choose to wander in, explore it with a Clio Muse Tour! Eleni Chaviatzi, Junior Software Engineer, describes herself as a curious traveler who enjoys exploring a destination like a local. Let […]
Maria Fassoula is the Innovations Manager of our team’s Research & Innovation department, and her small talk is as inspirational as her work and personality. Enjoy!   When and where did you last travel? My last travel to Paris was just before the covid crisis, in December 2019. It was a business trip, but I […]
Nikos Zacharioudakis, Content Coordinator, describes himself as a super anxious, impatient, but also a “jester” travel companion. Enjoy his small talk and get your weekly dose of travel inspiration!   When and where did you last travel?   It was a very sunny day in Athens, back on January 31st, 2022… Nikos took the plane and […]
Travel is said to enhance cultural awareness, world, and also self-understanding.  Fotis Kondylis, Junior Software Engineer, seems to agree with this view, as apparent in our travel #smalltalk.     When and where accomplished your last travel?   The last time I traveled was in Italy, specifically to Rome and to Firenze. This was back in March […]
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