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As we traverse the globe in search of new horizons, there’s a growing awareness that our wanderlust carries both a privilege and a responsibility. Sustainable tourism emerges not just as a trend but as a transformative force, weaving positive change into the fabric of our global travel narrative. The Essence of Sustainable Tourism Sustainable tourism […]
Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday celebrated in many parts of the world, each with unique customs and traditions. While Thanksgiving is most commonly associated with the United States and Canada, the concept of giving thanks and expressing gratitude is a universal one.¬† American Thanksgiving The most well-known Thanksgiving celebration takes place in the United States […]
Clio Muse Tours recently had the honor of being featured in an engaging interview with Vicky Karatzavelou! In this insightful conversation, our co-founder and CRO, Daphne, shared the remarkable journey of Clio Muse Tours, from its humble beginnings as a project back in 2012 to its current status as a significant player in the tourism […]
Traveling solo can be a transformative and empowering experience. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone, learn more about yourself, and connect with people worldwide. As a solo traveler, you can explore at your own pace and follow your interests. But where should you go to make the most of your solo […]
Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in the world, but do you know where it came from? Halloween is thought to have originated in Ireland, where the ancient Celts celebrated a festival called Samhain on October 31st. Samhain marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter. The Celts […]
In today’s fast-paced world, where time seems to slip through our fingers like sand, the art of slow travel stands as a peaceful oasis. Unlike the hurried footsteps of tourists, slow travel invites us to immerse ourselves in a place’s essence, embrace its unique rhythm, and savor each moment as it unfolds. Join me as […]
Meet Vasilis, the talented and beloved author behind The Sanctuary of Asclepius: The Land of Healing. In this blog, he shares with us a bit of his life, his studies, and some useful info and off-the-beaten-path tips for the tour. Enjoy!   Tell us a bit about yourself! őô have studied History and Archaeology at […]
When and where did you last travel? Six months ago, I embarked on a time-traveling journey to Rome. The city is a vast, open-air museum with spectacular attractions and archaeological sites. I explored everything from the Colosseum and the Roman Forum to the catacombs, the Pantheon, and the Crypt of the Capuchins for four days. […]
Meet Wafaa, the mind behind the audio tour of the Citadel of Qaitbay. In her blog, she narrates a bit of her life story and offers insider travel tips for adventures off-the-beaten-path. Get some inspiration below!   Tell us a bit about yourself! I majored in Tourist Guiding, where I studied ancient history and archaeology. […]
Tell us a bit about yourself! Let us introduce you to Aroa! The talented author behind the narratives of the L√°zaro Galdiano Museum and the Girona Museum! Get inspired by her life story and learn some of the tour secrets she shares with us! From a young age, I developed a fascination with the history […]
Gabriela Garcia is behind the words of the Segovia City tour, Granada Cathedral, and Alc√°zar de Segovia. In this blog, she shares a bit of her life and some tips and information about the tours she wrote. Enjoy! Tell us a bit about yourself! My name is Gabriela, and I’m a licensed tour guide in […]
When and where did you last travel?¬†¬† My last trip was a family trip to Paris one month ago. Although it was a 3-day trip, I was enthusiastic about it, so I tried to see as many sights as possible. I also tried to taste traditional dishes and meet people from Paris because I like […]
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