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In March 2024, our team embarked on another journey to Berlin, participating in two events in the global travel industry, Arival 360 & ITB. Our team members fostered connections with a diverse range of influential potential partners. Through their engaging presentations of our innovative products and services, our team members made a lasting impression.   […]
Imagine this: you wake up on a beautiful spring morning, April 1st. You reach for your phone and gasp! A giant crack snakes across the screen. Panic sets in… until you see your sibling doubled over with laughter. April Fools! This silly tradition of pranks and hoaxes on April 1st has become a global phenomenon. […]
It’s been over two years since I transitioned from COO to CEO at Clio Muse. Entrusted by our investors with the mission of scaling up sustainably, this ambition resonated deeply with our partners at, a venture capital firm committed to fostering long-term success in Greek businesses. Their vision for the next Greek unicorn truly […]
Tell us a bit about yourself!  I studied Translation and Interpreting in Madrid. Apart from being a language freak, as I also love Art and History, I decided to take the official Tourist Guide exam for the Madrid region after graduating. I’m lucky to live in a country with an impressive historical heritage that makes […]
Tell us a bit about yourself!  I am Vera, a Hong Konger who adores wandering through the city’s vibrant streets, observing and discovering life as I go. After my studies in design and later in visual culture studies, I have been developing my career as an artist, designer, writer, teacher, and tour guide. I lead […]
Reflecting on 2023, we are expressing our gratitude for your support and our team’s dedication. Dive into the wonders of Greece with three iconic sites and explore two captivating landmarks in Portugal, all featured in our most popular audio tours of the year. Thank you for making these journeys memorable! 1. Acropolis Hill: Self-Guided Audio […]
In January 2024, our team traveled to Madrid, joining Fitur, and engaged with a multitude of successful potential partners who hold significant sway in the global travel industry. Our team members left an indelible mark by showcasing innovative products and services. A diverse crowd, buzzing energy Our awesome crew of IT, product, and sales whizzes […]
Clio Muse Tours recently had the honor of being featured in the first Monokeros episode of 2024, a captivating TV show highlighting the Greek Innovation and Technology Ecosystem with host Giannis Dionatos. In this interview, our co-founder and CRO, Daphne, unveils the remarkable journey of three visionaries who, despite being strangers, united to bring people […]
  In a fast-paced world filled with constant connectivity, solo travel emerges as a powerful antidote to the demands of daily life. Beyond the breathtaking landscapes and cultural explorations, there lies a profound benefit to one’s mental wellness.  Unearth Your Inner Self Amidst Silence: Solo travel is more than exploring new places; it’s a quest […]
As winter blankets the world, a mystical figure emerges whose presence evokes joy and wonder in the hearts of millions—Santa Claus. Join us on a journey through the heartwarming Christmas Chronicles as we unwrap the magical mystery of the jolly man in the red suit.   The Legend Begins: St. Nicholas and the Gift of […]
As we traverse the globe in search of new horizons, there’s a growing awareness that our wanderlust carries both a privilege and a responsibility. Sustainable tourism emerges not just as a trend but as a transformative force, weaving positive change into the fabric of our global travel narrative. The Essence of Sustainable Tourism Sustainable tourism […]
Thanksgiving is a beloved holiday celebrated in many parts of the world, each with unique customs and traditions. While Thanksgiving is most commonly associated with the United States and Canada, the concept of giving thanks and expressing gratitude is a universal one.  American Thanksgiving The most well-known Thanksgiving celebration takes place in the United States […]
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