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2023 World Tourism Day invites us on a sustainable path for travelers and destinations

This year’s World Tourism Day theme, “Tourism and Green Investments,” calls for a profound shift in the tourism industry’s approach. It centers on making tourism more sustainable and environmentally friendly, emphasizing the importance of directing financial resources towards eco-friendly practices. For us at Clio Muse Tours, this theme is not just a reflection of global trends; it’s a guiding principle of our mission.

Our co-founders share their thoughts on the present and future of tourism, which is unavoidably green. 


Why green tourism is important

“This year’s World Tourism Day theme, “Tourism and Green Investments,” holds immense significance for the entire tourism industry,” says Yiannis Nikolopoulos (co-founder & CEO). “It’s a call to explore fresh and innovative solutions to address pressing challenges like over-tourism and the negative impacts of irresponsible travel, which have detrimentally affected local communities, the industry, and destinations across the globe. The responsibility to avert these cases and safeguard our planet and ourselves rests upon all stakeholders in the tourism sector. The values embodied by green tourism encompass environmental conservation, cultural preservation, and promoting sustainable economic growth. These align seamlessly with the expectations of modern travelers, who are increasingly eco-conscious and seek enriching, impactful, and responsible travel experiences.”


How Clio Muse Tours embraces green practices 

According to Daphne Tsevreni (co-founder & CRO), “Green investments in tourism are investments in the future. They involve allocating resources to support eco-friendly initiatives that can revolutionize how we explore the world. These investments can result in cleaner energy sources, reduced waste, and more responsible practices within the industry. At Clio Muse Tours, we have always been at the forefront of the sustainable tourism movement. Our self-guided audio tours have been designed to minimize environmental impact by reducing overcrowding, promoting cultural immersion, and empowering local communities for a decade. Moreover, our collaborations and strategic partnerships aren’t just about business but about shared values. Environmental and societal considerations are at their core, driving us to constantly seek innovative and sustainable ways to advance tourism and people’s lives.


Imagining the future of tourism 

“Tourism and Green Investments is more than just a theme; it’s a call to action,” says Andreas Fatouros (co-founder and CPO). “Like the entire tourism industry, we have a vital role in fostering a more sustainable and meaningful world. For the coming years, we commit our resources to green technology, advocate for sustainable tourism, and join green coalitions to drive positive change. But it doesn’t stop there. Since our products are self-guided audio tours that immerse travelers in the cultural richness worldwide, we recognize the importance of boosting green awareness in our strategy. We proudly join a thriving community of changemakers who integrate green practices into their businesses, inspiring others to follow suit. Together, we are forging a greener, more sustainable future for tourism‚ÄĒone where every journey benefits both travelers and the planet.”