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maria k.

Maria is a graduate of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the NTUA. Her love for arts and science guided her to Clio Muse Tours for an internship. As she instantly fit with the team environment, taking a permanent position as a Full Stack Web Developer didn’t take long. Currently, she holds the position of IT Manager, and she is evolving towards creating web apps. She is responsible for updating and upgrading the platform, which gives access to tours through web browsers and develops high-quality tour-guided systems for museums and organizations. Maria is also responsible for developing new features for the Clio Muse authoring tool that make the tour creation process effortless. Also, she implemented the booking management system and actively participates in its evolution and improvement.

My blog posts

In our latest exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Nassou and her dynamic crew at the Clio Muse Tours headquarters  for a unique feature on the popular ANT1 TV program, “Now, for the Future.” During the engaging conversation, Daphne passionately delved into the intriguing origins of Clio Muse Tours, which sprouted in […]
October is a magical time to explore Europe, with the crisp air, vibrant fall foliage, and fewer crowds, making it an ideal month for travel. If you’re planning a getaway within the Old Continent, consider these five captivating destinations: Orange, Rome, Valletta, Granada, and London. In this blog, we’ll guide you through these charming cities […]
We have added accessibility features to Clio Muse Tour Experience to make our self-guided audio tours more accessible to people with visual impairment as well as reading disorders. This is the first step in the process to fully upgrade our technology tools in order to offer the best possible experience for people with disabilities. Adapting […]
Ada Lovelace Day has a special meaning to me. She, along with other female scientists paved the way for women working in the STEM industries. All of them are an endless source of inspiration and motivation for many women and girls all around the world. Art or science? I was born in a mountain village […]