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In the realm of travel, a captivating and thought-provoking form known as dark tourism exists. It is a venture into the realms of death, tragedy, and the macabre, offering an opportunity for a unique historical perspective and raising awareness about the enduring human suffering throughout the ages. Within this context, we set our sights on […]
A few days ago, Clio Muse Tours, in collaboration with KMOP, presented the toolkit of the GRACE program in a vivid webinar with participants from the arts and culture sector who were interested in learning more about the program and its tools.  Christina Ntaltagianni (Head of Content) from Clio Muse Tours and Eirianna Dragona (Education […]
Clio Muse Tours and KMOP (Social Action & Innovation Centre) invite you to a joint webinar (in Greek) on Tuesday, October 25, at 3:00 p.m. The webinar aims to share useful educational material on the digital skills development of professionals and small and medium enterprises in the field of Arts and Culture.  In specific, the seminar will present […]