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27 countries

Clio Muse Tours Takes Center Stage on ANT1 TV: Lights, Camera, Innovation!

In our latest exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of hosting Mrs. Nassou and her dynamic crew at the Clio Muse Tours headquarters  for a unique feature on the popular ANT1 TV program, “Now, for the Future.”

During the engaging conversation, Daphne passionately delved into the intriguing origins of Clio Muse Tours, which sprouted in 2012 from the collaboration of three strangers and has since evolved into the thriving venture we know today. The discussion showcased our innovative services and highlighted our global footprint, reaching an impressive 26 countries and extending our presence to the United States.

Our office buzzed with energy as we shared the behind-the-scenes story of Clio Muse Tours, and we were thrilled to have ANT1 TV capture the essence of our journey. The excitement is palpable as we look forward to the following exciting chapters in our company’s evolution!