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maria chondrogianni

With a BA in Theology and an MSc in Cultural Informatics and Communication (specializing in Museology), Maria designs and curates the products of Clio Muse Tours. Her background includes digitizing cultural collections and planning museum educational programs. She has cultivated her interests in history while focusing on museology, digitization, and IT application within a cultural context. She has previously worked voluntarily in various museum institutions in Athens.

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Welcome to a time travel adventure in which the past and present collide to create a unique encounter in the ancient land of Greece. The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is one of the most spectacular archaeological treasures nestled among lush landscapes and scenic hills. This UNESCO World Heritage site urges visitors to walk back in […]
Spanning nearly 10,000 m² in the French capital and hosting more than 35,000 works of art, including the most significant and renowned of the world, the Louvre is not a must-visit in Paris; it’s a final and dream destination for art and culture aficionados. There are hundreds of hidden and less-known stories behind the absolute […]