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Yiannis Nikolopoulos

Co-founder, CTO

With a background in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Yiannis has the role of Clio Muse Tours’ CTO overseeing and orchestrating the workflow of the IT department. Expert in agile methodology and with strong communication and organizational skills, on a daily basis Yiannis is gathering specs from his co-founders, dept heads and customers and translates them into deliverables for the whole team. He has co-founded Orange Grove Patras and he still volunteers as the Vice President of this innovative international startup incubator mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Posts by Yiannis Nikolopoulos

We’re Going to The Final Event of The UNWTO SDG’s Global Startup Competition

The time for the Final Event of the UNWTO SDG’s Global Startup Competition has come and Daphne Tsevreni is packing suitcases for her trip to Madrid. She will be joining remarkable masterclasses by Amadeus, Amazon, ClarkeModet and other colossal global companies. On the 18th of May, she will be participating as a speaker at the […]

Clio Muse Tours Turns 6: Thank You For These Amazing Years

On this day, in 2012, Daphne, Andreas and I met for the first time and joined forces to bring the world’s cultural heritage under one roof. Ever since on the 12th of October, we celebrate Clio Muse Tous’ birthday. Today we turn six. Shouldn’t be eight, you might wonder. Well, keep reading to find out […]

The Launch of Clio Muse Virtual Tour Experiences

Clio Muse Tours launched its first 23 virtual tour experiences in the first two weeks of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020. We didn’t start from zero but we are proud to say that we made it happen while working remotely and struggling to cope with the new reality COVID-19 brought. Counting already six years […]

Clio Muse Tours has a New Feature

Our versatile technologies are sustainable and scalable allowing us to expand them with new features. And we love taking advantage of the endless potential that they offer and use them to upgrade the travel experience. Clio Muse Educational Quiz is the latest of our developments. A multiple-choice quiz that can be integrated into any of […]

We were awarded for our “Sustainable-Innovative & Responsible Entrepreneurship”

Clio Muse Tours was awarded for its efforts in Sustainable-Innovative & Responsible Entrepreneurship by the Athens Chamber of Tradesmen at the event that took place on the 28th of November 2018. This award goes to each and every member of our team that embodies the vision of Clio Muse Tours and we’d like to thank […]

Clio Muse Tours 2nd prize winner at Booking Cares Lab 2018

We are more than excited to have won the second place at Booking Cares Lab 2018 and to receive a €20,000 grant for the strength and feasibility of our 30-day plan, as well as the projected impact of our solution for more sustainable tourism. Three days full of inspiration, hard work and noteworthy business acquaintances […]

Tourology | The Making of

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night. It was a dark night, but not stormy at all. In fact, it was one of those summer nights that youngsters go out for drinks in Monastiraki square in downtown Athens, 3 roofs beneath our headquarters. Andreas and I were the only ones in the office that night. […]

Dressing up for the occasion!

We were named after the muse Clio and our first formal outfit was given to us by an enthusiastic company from Syros Industrial Design School. Back then, we were looking for a logo that all venues would love to stick on their walls, next to their most precious exhibition artifacts. And this is what we […]

We won our first monetary prize at the Creative Business Cup Competition

We are thrilled to announce that we received our first monetary prize. Clio Muse Tours earned the first place at the Creative Business Cup Competition 2013 for its innovative and scalable business model. We are looking forward to using this money for the creation of our first tours ever. We’ve been preparing for this moment […]

Clio Muse Tours wins at the Ennovation 2013

After a year of hard work, we have now completed Ennovation 2013, our first competition as Clio Muse Tours. Ennovation is an international university competition on Entrepreneurship and Innovation supported by the Athens University of Economics & Business. Clio Muse Tours was awarded for its innovation and new technologies, competitiveness in the global market and […]