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daphne tsevreni

Clio Muse co-founder and CRO, Daphne is the Head of the Sales and Finance Departments. Her career in finance started as an Intern at the Athens Stock Exchange and was supplemented by the position of administrative assistant for Vega Finance, an innovative financial advisory boutique. At Clio Muse Tours she draws the company’s financial plans, builds a network in the tourism industry and maintains relationships with global online travel agencies. Above all, she enjoys pitching for Clio Muse Tours at international conferences and seminars. Daphne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management from the Athens University of Economics and Business

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Clio Muse Tours has been operating in the culture and the tourism industries since 2014 and today boasts a wide portfolio of products in over 35 countries. Over the course of the past seven years, Clio Muse Tours evolved its business plan, developed new strategies and managed to establish itself as one of the most […]
Clio Muse Tours has been selected as one of the 25 winners from 18 countries at the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) SDGs Global Startup Competition for its widespread ability to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The innovative Greek startup was selected out of 10,000 initial proposals from all regions across the […]
Clio Muse Tours has been selected as a finalist of the UNWTO Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Global Startup Competition. Out of 10,000 submissions, our application made it to the 60 finalists from 28 countries. We’re more than excited for this recognition and regardless of whether we’ll make it to the final stage or not, we’re […]
Clio Muse participated in the EU-funded project PLUGGY, which was successfully completed in 2019. Our innovation behind PLUGGY Pins with the title “Online web-based Creation and Access for cultural digital tours using geolocation information of cultural assets” was short-listed in the ‘Women-led Innovation’ prize category of this year’s Innovation Radar 2020 Prize of the European […]
I am thrilled to announce my participation at ARIVAL 360 as a Speaker! Creators and sellers of tours, activities, attractions, events and experiences from all over the world will come together in this engaging virtual event from October 26 to November 5. The cancelation of ARIVAL Berlin in March 2020 found me with my suitcase […]
Nea Odos recently launched a brand new branch on its website that features 20 cultural tours that the company created in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours and Diazoma Association. The tours that were already hosted on the Clio Muse app are now integrated into Nea Odos’ microsite offering access to a wide audience. With the […]
Based on an innovative storytelling concept developed after extensive research and consumer testing, Clio Muse Tours entered dynamically the start-up scene in 2014. A series of collaborations with renowned museums, prominent cultural institutions and organizations, established Clio Muse Tours’ name in the country’s tourism sector and the culture industry. Over the first four years of […]
“The Arival Conference has become the only event dedicated to the Best Part of Travel, assembling the brightest minds from companies large and small from our industry: Tour, Activities & Attractions.” This is what Arival says at its website and we couldn’t agree more.  Arival Orlando 2019 has come to an end and all we […]
Clio Muse Tours achieved first position at the Connectivity Sector at the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) Catalyst Pitch Competition that took place in The Hague, Netherlands, June 3-5 2019. We are more than proud to have taken part in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit and to have met so many noteworthy innovators and […]
Clio Muse tours received the second prize of €10,000 at the Squeeze, a competition created by Orange Grove with the aim to support young entrepreneurs in Greece. According to acclaimed founders, investors and professionals, our business model has now the required solid foundation that we need to scale up in the near future. A series […]
In January 2015, Clio Muse received the first prize in the category of “professional winner” at the first Europeana Food and Drink Open Innovation Challenge. We combined our unique and intriguing stories with Europeana’s digital exhibits to create tours that stress on how food and drink are part of our culture. Our “Wine in Ancient […]