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cityofculture project 2

Exploring Ioannina: A Digital Voyage by Clio Muse Tours and Zosimaia

Nestled in the heart of Ioannina, Greece, the Zosimaia Public Central Historical Library is a living testament to the city’s vibrant cultural heritage. Joining forces with Zosimaia, we infused digital vitality into this iconic establishment’s historical narratives. Through a fusion of digital maps and immersive video productions, our collaborative endeavors aimed to craft an enthralling tapestry of stories. These narratives traverse centuries, paying homage to the enduring cultural legacy bestowed upon Ioannina by the Zosimas Brotherhood.


The City of Culture

cityofculture project 2

The first project, “The City of Culture – Ioannina- and the Zosimaia Library,” envisioned a digital representation that immerses users in the library’s history. Users embark on a virtual journey through a meticulously designed interactive timeline map, exploring the library’s evolution and symbiotic relationship with the Zosimas Brotherhood. The goal was to create a captivating narrative that educates and resonates with the audience deeply and emotionally.

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From Leliparades to Zosimaia Public Central Historic Library


The second project delved into the architectural evolution of the library. “From Leliparades to the Public Historical Library of Ioannina” utilized 3D modeling to showcase the building’s transformation from the Ottoman era to the establishment of the independent Greek State. This virtual tour, available in three languages, is a digital stratigraphy application that offers a visually stunning exploration of the library’s historical roots.

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Zosimas Brothers: The Great Benefactors


In the third project, the Zosimaia Library aimed to highlight the lives and accomplishments of the national benefactors, the Zosimas Brothers, originally from Grammeno, Ioannina. Collaborating with professionals in filmmaking, the third project brought to life the story of the Zosimas Brothers. The narrative unfolds through a 15-minute video production, highlighting their journey from humble beginnings to esteemed patrons and benefactors. 

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Christos Soulis: Vision & Creation

christos soulis zosimaia

The fourth project centered around Christos Soulis, a visionary individual dedicated to preserving Epirus’ cultural heritage. A digital audio tour in English and Greek guides users through Soulis’s life, contributions, and visionary outlook. Comprising nine chapters and 25 well-documented stories, this project is a tribute to a man whose passion for learning and cultural preservation left an indelible mark.

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Nikolaos Glykis: The first bee of Epirus in Venice

glykis project 1

The final collaboration delves into the rich history of the Glykis family, a creation of Nikolaos Glykis, who is hailed as Epirus’s first “bee” in Venice. His legacy extends through centuries and across different regions. Through 13 stops and 50 captivating stories in both Greek and English, this digital tour allows users to discover the history of the longest-standing Greek printing house in Venice.

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By leveraging pioneering technology, we are embarking on a digital journey to bring the past to life and create an immersive experience for history and culture enthusiasts. We invite you to join us on this captivating exploration, where innovation meets tradition unveiling the hidden layers of history within this magnificent Greek city.