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Clio Muse Tours at the Forefront: Insights Gained at Phocuswright Europe 2024!

Shaping the Travel Landscape: Clio Muse Tours at the Heart of Travel Tech 

We’re thrilled to share that Daphne (Co-Founder, CRO of Clio Muse Tours), recently made a strong impression at the prestigious Phocuswright Europe 2024 conference held in Barcelona, Spain in June 2024. This annual three-day event is a cornerstone of the travel tech industry, attracting C-level leaders and shaping the future of travel through insightful discussions and cutting-edge innovation.

AI: Revolutionizing the Travel Experience

This year’s Phocuswright conference focused heavily on the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the travel industry. Expert panels explored how AI is poised to reshape everything from personalized travel recommendations to streamlined booking processes and even the very nature of travel itself. Daphne actively participated in these discussions, gaining valuable insights into the latest AI advancements and their implications for self-guided audio tours, a sector Clio Muse Tours is at the forefront of.


Building Bridges and Sharing the Vision

Beyond the captivating conference sessions, Daphne seized the opportunity to connect with a vast network of industry leaders. Over 25 productive meetings fostered valuable connections and allowed Daphne to champion the burgeoning market of self-guided audio tours. Her infectious enthusiasm and expertise in this innovative space undoubtedly sparked exciting conversations and potential collaborations.


Bringing the Future to Greece

Daphne’s participation at Phocuswright Europe 2024 wasn’t just about staying ahead of the curve; it was about bringing the future back to Greece. Armed with a wealth of knowledge gleaned from industry experts and fellow innovators, Daphne is poised to propel Clio Muse Tours even further. These insights will undoubtedly fuel the development of even more engaging and enriching self-guided audio tours, ensuring Clio Muse Tours remains at the forefront of travel tech and empowers travelers to explore the world in a more meaningful and personalized way.