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Discover Our Free Tours, Audio, Virtual And Digital

I am delighted to say that over 50 Clio Muse tours are available for free on our platform and on the Clio Muse app. I’d like to share with you my favorite free tours, whether audio, virtual or digital but please, feel free to browse the entire list.

Clio Muse Tours’ initiative has always been to make our world’s cultural heritage accessible to people from all over the globe. To create a platform -that until then was missing- which connects the tourism industry with the cultural sector. And it would be a lie not to admit, that I take a lot of pride that Clio Muse Tours not only became that platform but even more than that.

Looking back to all of the content we have created so far I discover permanent collections of world-class museums, temporary exhibitions of national and international artists, city tours at outdoor and indoor landmarks. Our themed categories cover a wide range of topics including architecture, gastronomy, history and literature. Recently we inaugurated the dark tourism category, which examines historical events associated with war and tragedy shading light in countries’ troubled pasts.

Each of our audio tours and virtual tour experiences highlights well-known attractions and lesser-known places. And a great deal of them is available for free.

Today, the need to keep travelers’ interest alive while providing them a window to the world is more necessary than ever before. And I’d like you to present the places that our window overlooks.

Tour to the permanent collections of the Cycladic Museum of Art

The permanent collection of the Museum of Cycladic Art consists of four different thematic exhibitions: the Cycladic Art, the Ancient Greek Art, Cypriot Art, and daily life in antiquity. It is considered one of the most prominent museums in Greece and it houses one of the most complete private collections of Cycladic art worldwide The Museum of Cycladic Art in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours created 4 different digital tours for each one of its permanent exhibitions highlighting selected exhibits through 107 unique stories. The digital tours are available for free both at the museum and on the Clio Muse Tours’ platform.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Audio available in 2 languages

Audio Tour for the Historical Library of Andritsaina

The Public Historical Library of Andritsaina is one of the richest libraries in Greece. Nestled in a village in the mountainous region of Ilia in Greece, the historic library is often overlooked by travelers and its story is not widely known. Therefore, Clio Muse Tours in collaboration with the Historical Library of Andritsaina created a self-guided tour that unravels the story of one of the country’s most important libraries. The intriguing audio tour consists of 12 stops and 50 stories and it’s available both on-site and on the Clio Muse Tours’ platform.

  • Audio available in 3 languages

“Searching for Homer” self-guided audio tour to the island of Chios

Well-known for its exotic beaches and wild landscape, Chios is a popular summer destination for locals and tourists. Not many of them know though, that this Aegean island is considered to be Homer’s birthplace. According to evidence, the legendary poet lived and taught his students on this island. The Tourist Department of the North Aegean Region – Regional Unit of Chios in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours created an intriguing audio tour that guides travelers to the city of Chios through 13 stops and 40 stories. Along the way, the story of Homer is unraveled through fascinating narrations. And those who aren’t able to visit the island just yet, they are able to get a taste of Chios with the “Searching for Homer” audio tour which is available on Clio Muse Tours platform.

20 Cultural Tours for Nea Odos

One of the most compelling and large-scale projects, Diadromes consists of 20 self-guided audio cultural tours. We highlighted 200 landmarks and monuments that are located in areas that the Ionian Road and the P.A.TH.E. motorway passes through. With the motto “We live in a country full of “treasures”. Let’s discover Greece together!” Nea Odos commissioned us this project aiming to present the beauty of the various regions of Greece. Whether you’re crossing the P.A.TH.E. motorway or you’re at home in a place far away, you are now able to discover Greece’s treasures for free through 538 stories. Most tours consist of audio narrations and 360° photographs. They are available on Clio Muse Tours as well as on Nea Odos’ microsite.

  • Duration: 1h 50min

Dark tourism themed category tours

The most recently-launched themed category ‘Dark Tourism’ was inaugurated with eight digital tours for eight different countries. Even though I am proud of all the content our team has produced so far, I am extremely happy about this new addition to our portfolio. On our dark tourism tours, we examine important historical events and we aim to investigate how they’ve shaped the present societies. Germany, Cyprus, Kosovo, Ireland and Bosnia are some of the countries in this new category but I look forward to enlarging this list as soon as possible.

Invisible Routes tour in Athens

An old-time favorite tour is the one we created with Shedia, a street paper that is sold exclusively on the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki by homeless people. “Invisible Routes” tour was run exclusively by people who are or were homeless and they were guiding travelers to the authentic side of Athens through their own stories. The tour is still available on our platform.

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Audio available in 3 languages

Virtual tour experiences to 5 countries

After the launch of our 23 virtual tour experiences, just two weeks after Greece’s lockdown due to COVID-19, we decided to provide some of our virtual tour experiences for free. It was a hard time for everyone around Greece and abroad and we thought that those stuck at home need the motivation to cope with this new reality. Our best virtual tour experiences from Greece, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands became instant available on our platform and they still are.

These were only some of my favorites. Feel free to browse our whole list of free audio tours, digital tours and virtual tour experiences here.