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Diadromes: Nea Odos Meets Clio Muse Tours

Nea Odos recently launched a brand new branch on its website that features 20 cultural tours that the company created in collaboration with Clio Muse Tours and Diazoma Association. The tours that were already hosted on the Clio Muse app are now integrated into Nea Odos’ microsite offering access to a wide audience.

With the message “We live in a country full of treasures! Let’s discover them together!,” Nea Odos assigned us to create a cultural map that highlights hidden corners, breathtaking landscapes and lesser-known sites that are usually overlooked. It was one of the most exciting and challenging projects we have undertaken.

We created 538 self-guided stories for 20 cultural routes for the Ionian Road and the P.A.TH.E. motorway highlighting 200 landmarks and monuments. Being the second-longest motorway in Greece, P.A.TH.E connects the Greek capital with the regions of Thessaly and Macedonia, including Thessaloniki, the country’s second-largest city.

NEA ODOS tours

The aim of this initiative was to bring into the spotlight in an innovative and sustainable way the areas and places that the motorway neighbors or crosses. Areas and landmarks that until today were unknown to travelers, have gained massive visibility.

The cultural tours consist of historical facts and unknown stories that are presented through text and audio and still photos as well as 360° photos. Customs and myths, nature and culture, traditions and museums of the selected destinations skillfully interweave in Nea Odos’ 20 cultural tours.

So far all tours have been read and listened to 51.548 times by travelers both in Greece and abroad. We are more than proud to collaborate with companies that share the same vision with us and strive to showcase Greece’s cultural heritage while at the same time promoting sustainable tourism.

The microsite developed by Pixelocracy is fully adaptable to mobile phones and tablets and its content is available in Greek and English.