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Vera Chiu

Meet Your Author – Vera Chiu

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

I am Vera, a Hong Konger who adores wandering through the city’s vibrant streets, observing and discovering life as I go. After my studies in design and later in visual culture studies, I have been developing my career as an artist, designer, writer, teacher, and tour guide. I lead a freelance life to keep an open schedule and mind. I see the world through art and culture and appreciate interactions with humans, animals, and nature. My tour consists of stories from personal tales, historical facts, and cultural phenomena.

 Can you give us a tip or a fun fact about the tour? 

While you are in the Tsim Sha Tsui area (where most of the tour is) and feeling hungry, look for Haiphong Road Temporary Market. The food stalls are filled with local food, including Hong Kong diner-style breakfast, wonton noodles, and meat-packed rice dishes. 

Although the word ‘temporary’ is in the name, the market has been here for 45 years. My mum used to teach catering, and she brought her students here to stock up. The place was a typical local market- ’yucky’ and wet. Don’t worry, though. The food stalls have been upgraded with better ventilation systems and brighter lights.

Tell us a bit about what made you write for this venue. 

I appreciate the opportunity to tell people about Hong Kong because this is where I grew up, and I hope more people can enjoy the city as I do. Hong Kong is known for being a metropolis. As a local, even I feel overwhelmed by what the city has to offer! The Star Ferry Pier Tour is a typical tourist spot, but I hope the participating tourists feel more local after hearing the stories from my perspective. 

For most of the tour, you are walking on reclaimed land. Filling up valuable space within Victoria Harbour to make the land for more development in the city center is an essential part of Hong Kong’s history. While enjoying your walk, I also hope you find the record of what this area used to look like interesting. 

As a kid, my family and I walked the Christmas promenade. The buildings light up with seasons blessing, making it one of the must-do activities during these festive times! Although the neon lights have faded in recent years, this urban center is still filled with history, culture, and secrets.


  • Duration: 2h 10min
  • Audio available in 1 language
$ 12,82 per person