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Chart-Toppers: The most renowned of Clio Muse Tours in 2023!

Reflecting on 2023, we are expressing our gratitude for your support and our team’s dedication. Dive into the wonders of Greece with three iconic sites and explore two captivating landmarks in Portugal, all featured in our most popular audio tours of the year. Thank you for making these journeys memorable!

1. Acropolis Hill: Self-Guided Audio Tour 

Climbing to the top of our 2023 charts, the “Acropolis Hill Self-Guided Audio Tour” had an incredible 78,333 explorers tuning into the captivating stories of Athens’ Sacred Rock! Stories that peel back the layers of history, from the ancient temple of Athena to the remnants of the Mycenaean palace, unraveling the mythical origins of the city. Soak in the stunning views from the Belvedere viewpoint, then dive into the Parthenon, where tales of kings, goddesses, and maidens come to life. The grand finale? Discovering that the Parthenon is actually a pyramid! 

P.S. A massive shout-out to our Tour Creation team for weaving stories that Google can’t uncover!


  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Audio available in 7 languages
$ 12,82 per person

2. Quinta da Regaleira: Mythology & Secret Passages 

Leonor Machado (Journalist & Professional Writer) brought to life the amazing Quinta da Regaleira tour through 23 narratives that came in second in our 2023 top tour list! In fact, 53,437 travelers enjoyed the ‘Regaleira’ this year, which is believed to have been derived from the Portuguese word ‘regalo’, meaning ‘delight’! A gem located on the way to Sintra’s mountain top, nestled in the middle of a thick green area,that offers panoramic views of the city as well as the Moorish Castle and Pena Palace. 


  • Duration: 1h 20min
  • Audio available in 6 languages
$ 12,82 per person

3. Athens City tour : The City of myths

Navigating the chaotic and myth-laden streets of Athens, the vibrant Greek capital, can be an overwhelming experience without a guided tour. Thankfully, Leonidas Argyros, the creative mind behind our Athens city tour, provides essential insights to roam this big city easily. The tour covers diverse locations, from the bustling Syntagma Square to historic gems like the Tripodon Street building, crafted in the early 19th century for Hadji Khalil Efendi, Athens’s kadi (judge). With 15,225 visitors, these captivating stories proudly secured the 3rd spot!


  • Duration: 2h 20min
  • Audio available in 6 languages
$ 10,69 per person

4. St. George Castle: the guardian of Lisbon

Step into the heart of Lisbon, where St. George’s Castle graces the ancient hill, and explore it through our self-guided audio tour, covered by the expertise of AnnElisa Sgrazzuti (Tour Guide, Interpreter, and Translator), which proudly claims the 4th spot on our list of top 2023 tours. Perched atop the highest point, this castle has mesmerized 14,029 travelers through 16 captivating stories and stops, offering breathtaking city views. Among these, the Miradouro do Castelo, a scenic viewpoint facing Baixa (the “low” part of the city in Portuguese), unfolds a magical panorama of the riverside. There, you’ll spot the Augustus Arch and Commerce Square’s iconic yellow horseshoe-shaped buildings. 


  • Duration: 1h 10min
  • Audio available in 6 languages
$ 8,55 per person

5. Acropolis Museum: The Treasures of Athena 

An original creation by the Clio Muse Tours team—a collective of passionate archaeologists, historians, museologists, and art historians, unfolds across 16 captivating spots of interest, having left a mark on the hearts of 10,320 travelers. The most listened-to stories for 2023 will reveal the origins of the architectural competition for the new Acropolis Museum and will transport you to a realm of myths, such as the tale of the Peplos Kore statue portraying an enigmatic woman distinguished by her subtly red-colored hair. Initially named after the peplos she was thought to wear, she’s actually adorned in four garments, including one reserved for goddesses — she may not be mortal, but which goddess does she represent? Let the echoes of history guide you through a unique audio tour experience curated for every taste and curiosity. 


  • Duration: 1h 50min
  • Audio available in 6 languages
$ 12,82 per person