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Theocharakis Foundation – Clio Muse: Cheers to a Fruitful Collaboration

Theocharakis Foundation – Art Within

One year of an exceptional collaboration with Theocharakis Foundation was completed!

In 2017-2018, the foundation hosted 4 exhibitions for 4 beloved Greek artists, from different fields, united by art.

Well as I see it, art unites us all despite its lonesome nature.

There are many reasons to write this article and the first one is that art holds a special place in my heart.

“I love art that has a soul and makes me wonder, empathize, feel and sometimes re-evaluate and start over.”

The second reason is that I admire many Greek artists and I believe that Greece is not only a tourist destination but also a cultural one, where you can find a unique variety, great talent, and inspiration.

The third is that I recently read about the new events of the Theocharakis Foundation for 2018-19 and I find the attention to detail that they put to their exhibitions’ themes and content very fascinating.

Exhibitions 2017-18:

1. Giorgos Seferis – “When the light dances, I speak fairly”

2. Konstantinos Volanakis – “Seascapes”

3. Maria Callas – “The myth lives”

4. Costas Varotsos – “The poet of sculpture”

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All of them were tremendous greek artists who defined or still define art in their own way.

I can’t help but feel very proud of our partnership with the foundation.

Last season, Clio Muse hosted all those 4 exhibitions. 83 stories and 30,400 readings in total (yes, 30,400 readings), were available for free through Clio Muse App!

What pleases me the most,  is that we are still looking for the redemption through art despite these difficult social times and that we’re also interested in traditional art forms and artists from very different times.

As I noticed in the events’ booklet for 2018-2019, the scheduled exhibitions are very promising!

Exhibitions 2018-19:

1. The Picture of Women in Neolian Painting

2. The precious collection of the Rhodes Gallery in Athens

3. Alekos Fassianos – Vangelis Chronis – “30 Years of Friendship” Painting and Poetry

There is no better way to conclude but with a quote from last year’s exhibition about Seferis.

“Through his work, we feel what we have not experienced and with his pictures we live what we have not seen, through the angelic black light, that is true and beautiful. His art has an eternal and incorruptible leaning.”

Let’s embrace the feeling of eternity within us, and keep art as our precious guide.

Hope to see you soon at the upcoming exhibitions!

p.s. Costas Varotsos’ exhibition will be held till the 21st of October, don’t miss it!