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Clio Muse Tours on Slovenian public television

It’s always a pleasure to share our experience and insights with an international audience, and it’s also great to be featured in stories about the most promising startups in Europe! Slovenian public television gave us this opportunity this time, and we are deeply grateful for it.

On a warm day in late May, we welcomed Barbara Zrimsek and her crew from Slovenian public TV in Athens. Daphne Tsevreni (co-founder & CRO) showed Barbara around, made together the stops indicated by our  Athens city tour, listened to our top stories, and talked about our platform, methodology, and next steps.

Later on, the crew visited our headquarters, and Yiannis Nikolopoulos (co-founder & CEO) joined the conversation sharing his view on the company’s growth and future and giving a deeper insight into the need for resilience and adaptability as Clio Muse Tours managed to achieve during the pandemic.


Click on the photo and see the full interview, starting at 07:40:

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