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clio muse tours in uncover stories

Clio Muse Tours in Uncover Stories

In a recent interview with Konstantinos Marketos from Uncover Stories, Daphne Tsevreni, our co-founder & CRO, shared fascinating insights into Clio Muse Tours journey, its impact on cultural tourism, and future plans.

In their discussion, Daphne candidly shared the challenges that Clio Muse Tours faced as a startup. The initial hurdles were building a unique brand in a competitive market and convincing established institutions to embrace their innovative approach. However, our relentless passion, dedication, and ability to adapt to changing market dynamics allowed them to overcome these challenges and carve a niche in the industry.

During the interview, Daphne Tsevreni outlined the future plans of Clio Muse Tours. Expanding our presence to more cultural destinations worldwide and enhancing their technological capabilities were highlighted as critical objectives.

Watch the full interview.