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King’s Day 101: Do it like a Dutch.

After three years of restrictions, canceled or postponed events, and festivities worldwide, we are (almost) back to normal! Hybrid and offline celebrations might be the new thing, but physical interaction are definitely our thing. 

Today, April 27, the Dutch celebrate King’s Day and are ready to be dressed in orange (see more below) and kick the streets. 

Are you in the Netherlands today? Follow 5 tips and do it like a Dutch.


1. Dress in orange

Orange or oranje in Dutch is the official color of the Netherlands. Try it as a complete outfit or a unique garment and honor the day with the color that signifies national pride and links to the Dutch royal family. Whether it’s your color, today is the day that orange rules the outfit. 


2. Be comfy 

Dutch and visitors enjoy King’s Day, totally all day. If you want to do it like a local, prepare to walk, stand, or even dance till late evening. King’s day is the most important Dutch national holiday and their favorite. Enjoy it (even if it is cloudy). 


3. Go shopping 

The King’s Day celebration includes many surprises in the streets of the Netherlands, and flea markets are definitely some of them. The shops might be closed today, but the flea markets are not. Wander in the streets with your orange outfit on and discover hidden gems, including books, accessories, clothes, and preloved treasures. 


4. Enjoy the tompouce 

The Dutch version of mille-feuille or napoleon, packed with whipped cream and orange icing on top (today’s special), is delicious and a typical delicacy of the day. Find it in the street food stalls that will satisfy your cravings today. 

5. Get ready for a boat party 

The Netherlands has canals. And they are beautiful. And people love them. Today, more than ever, the Dutch and visitors are celebrating aboard. Do not lose heart if you haven’t booked a boat trip. Stay close to the canal, and someone might offer you a special seat. 


And a little bit of history!

King’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands, marking the date of birth of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. In 2013, after 33 years, Queen Beatrix abdicated, making the Dutch celebrate the last Queen’s Day. Interestingly enough, the Queen’s birthday was not on April 30, when Queen’s Day was celebrated but on January 31). 


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