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Jo is an adept Customer Care Agent with a degree in International and European Studies from Panteion University. Beyond work, Jo is passionate about art, music, and travel, enjoying exploring diverse cultures.

She passionately ensures every traveler’s experience is memorable, showcasing a well-rounded and culturally attuned perspective.

My blog posts

Solo travel is a lifetime experience, offering freedom, self-discovery, and an unparalleled sense of adventure. However, as our wanderlust grows, so does our responsibility towards the environment. Sustainable travel is no longer just a trend but a necessity. Here’s how to explore the world solo while minimizing your environmental footprint. Choose Eco-Friendly Destinations Start by […]
Whether you’re traveling within Europe or beyond its borders, we’ve got you covered! Let us present our seven latest destinations featuring unique self-guided audio tours that provide all the narratives you need to know! Niagara Falls: The Mighty Thunderer Prepare to be awestruck by the mesmerizing majesty of Niagara Falls, a natural wonder that straddles […]