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Travel small-talk with Lucas

Midway between the two peak seasons for many destinations worldwide, October finds us daydreaming about beaches, islands, city walks, and winter getaways, all at once.

On that note, Lucas Simopoulos, Head of IT, shares his latest/ favorite/and upcoming explorations.


When and where did you last travel?  

I visited Milan and the Cinque Terre area in July. I managed to visit the five villages. Also, I visited the beautiful island of Crete in August. I saw the Cave of Diktaion Andron, the Lassithi Plateau, and enjoyed the beaches in the Elounda. Due to covid-19 pandemic, I had stopped traveling abroad. However, I visited a lot of destinations in Greece. My last -before covid19- abroad trip was to Malta in February 2019. I recall that we saw some people who wore face masks in the airport, and we did not understand what would happen in the next few years.


How do you describe yourself as a traveler? 

My favorite thing when I visit a new city is to walk in new neighborhoods and try to understand how the locals live. Ten years ago, I was visiting Copenhagen and walking in Nørrebro. I saw a park and went inside to continue my walk under the trees. Eventually, I realized that this park was a cemetery and ended up in front of Hans Christian Andersen’s grave.


What are your 2022 travel goals? 

I have plans to revisit Malta in the next few months. It´s a relatively small destination, yet full of things to do and see. I enjoyed this trip and can´t wait to go back and discover it anew.


Which is your favorite Clio Muse Tour? 

I enjoy the experiences that take you off the beaten path, so my favorite Clio Muse Tours are among the quirky-themed 🙂 On that note, I would choose Love as Chimera, a romantic self-guided audio walking tour in downtown Athens following the steps of four passionate tales that changed how I perceive my office-home walking.


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