Heraklion: the Castle of the Moat


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It took the Greeks ten years to wipe Troy off the map with a wooden horse. It took the Ottomans 21 years and a vile traitor to conquer Heraklion, one of the largest castles in the Mediterranean and the crown jewel of Venice. This tour will highlight the most exciting monuments and events of a siege that captivated the whole of Europe.


  • The three caballeros

    1. The three caballeros

    The representatives of three cultures and societies are gathered here in an eternal conversation over the events of the siege and the contributions of Christians and Muslims in the history of the city.
  • The long arms of Venice

    2. The long arms of Venice

    Heraklion (and Crete in general) was the crown jewel of the colonial empire of Venice, so the Venetians spent considerable effort and money to maintain a fleet of galleys to protect their most valuable possession.
  • The face of Zeus

    3. The face of Zeus

    The war ended on the highest point of the castle, under the sleepless gaze of Zeus, the father of the ancient gods who witnessed the fateful final moments of the siege and the departure of the defeated Christians.

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