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Minos’ Children: Daily Life in Knossos Tour is a captivating self-guided audio walking tour in Knossos’ palace with credible & original stories written by top local professionals after extended research. Take your tour now & enjoy it instantly on your smartphone device.

The tour takes advantage of local expertise to present the Minoan palace of Knossos. And when we say local, we mean it. Your guide is Yishharu, the son of an aristocratic family, who grew up in the peaceful years of Minoan naval power. He spent his life in the meandering corridors and the splendid rooms of the palace, so he is in a unique position to reveal the secrets of daily life in Minoan Crete.

Yishharu welcomes you right in front of the palace and takes you for an enchanting walk through all the main sights of this magnificent building. He is a sweet talker and knows how to hold your attention. He points out all the intricate details that defined Minoan fashion as you look at the wall paintings that adorn the corridors of Knossos. At the impressive storage rooms he explains the elaborate organization of the Minoan economy and reveals the names of his bulls (Dusky and Noisy). You can almost smell the delicacies served by the cooks at the regular feasts held in the palace for the hundreds of guests who attended.

As you cross the large courtyard, Yishharu reminisces about life in the countryside and tries to explain to us the lighthearted and joyful secrets of the Minoan religion. You can almost see the sanctuary at the top of Mount Juktas that rises in the distance. You re-enter the palace and discover the luxurious amenities provided, such as indoor plumbing and western-style toilets (with flushing capabilities). He is rather reluctant to discuss his most recent visit to the dentist but far less so to entertain you with stories about last night’s debaucheries with his friends over endless cups of wine, beer, and opium. On the way out he is kind enough to whisper some confidential details regarding the rites that took place in the numerous sunken rooms near the exit and disclose his belief in the afterlife. He plans, after all, to be buried with perfumes, cosmetics, and real food. You can never have too much of a good thing.


  • Minoan Top Model

    1. Minoan Top Model

    Yishharu was slim, tall, and fit. He wore shorts and walk along the corridors at Knossos showcasing his elegant eyebrows and his long hair.
  • The original Mediterranean diet

    2. The original Mediterranean diet

    The Minoan table lacked for nothing. Each meal was a celebration of delightful dishes and refreshing drinks. Fortunately Yishharu’s metabolism allowed him to enjoy his meals without gaining weight.
  • Beyond the palace

    3. Beyond the palace

    There was life beyond the palace. Yishharu never missed a chance to visit the fields on the hills surrounding Knossos. He would even trek all the way to Mount Juktas in search of divine help and blessings.

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Starting point Minoan Palace of Knossos
Areas Knossos Archaeological Site
Opening hours Winter (1 Nov. to 31 Mar.) Every day 08:00 - 15:00. Last admission 14:45 Summer (1 Apr. to 31 Oct.) Every day 08:00 - 19:30
Additional admission Full: €15, Reduced: €8

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