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Clio Muse Marketing Department

A Shoutout To Clio Muse Marketing Department

What the team of the Marketing Department does regardless of the company is quite straightforward. Promoting its products. And that’s what we are also aiming to do. I am the marketing assistant and content creator of Clio Muse Tours and I’d like to take you on a tour to the Clio Muse Marketing Department.

Working at the Marketing Department of a company that operates in both the culture and the tourism sectors is quite a juggling act. You always have to keep track of the new tours and of course, promoting them equally. Whether they are created by tour operators or museums and cultural institutions, we want the world to learn everything about them. And we use all of our online platforms to do so.

When a cultural institution or an author from the tourism industry creates a tour with us, they become part of our team. We don’t see it just as the beginning of a new partnership but as a joint effort for highlighting one more aspect of our cultural heritage. And part of my role is to assure that the world will hear about it.

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I am an article writer and content creator with several years of experience in the travel industry. That means I love learning and writing about any place, landmark, city or neighborhood. I listen and read to almost all of Clio Muse tours not only because I enjoy doing so but also because it is part of my job. I enjoy looking for the right sentence, information and point of interest that I believe represents the quality and the content of the tour. I find it very important to let travelers know what they’ll get if they purchase one of our digital, audio tours and virtual tour experiences. Afterward, it’s up to them to decide if the content and style of Clio Muse tours fit their taste.

I have to admit though, that when I have to manage the daily workload, going through averagely through 50 stories of a tour to find the perfect 30 words for a post on our social media can be a nerve-racking experience. The reward is that every day I learn something new. From the history of women in Spain’s civil war to the stories of homeless people as narrated in our Invisible Routes tour, Clio Muse tours have given me access to worlds that I never thought I could explore from my home.

Clio Muse Marketing Department’s tasks also include keeping our blog updated with company news and inspirational articles. Honing our skills in photoshop and video editing when our graphic department is too busy to take on another task. We also discuss our next steps and we’re in communication with the Content Department and our partners for the right promotion of our tours.

The Head of the Marketing Department

The Head of the Marketing Department is the Clio Muse co-founder and CTO Yiannis Nikolopoulos. What a CTO has to do with marketing strategies you may wonder? The short answer is to have a look at Yiannis’ bio to find out. The longer one is that like it happens with every startup, in the first few years the Clio Muse co-founders were also and the only employees. Just like today, they divided the departments based on their skills and personalities’ characteristics. Yiannis among others took the Marketing Department and whether he liked it or not he learned a bunch of marketing tricks and tips.

Clio Muse Marketing Department

Tuesdays are the day of the week that the two of us combine our knowledge and creative ideas to draw up our plans for doing all the above-mentioned moves. Well, at least, most Tuesdays. Due to his position in the company, Yiannis has a heavy workload and when it becomes unwieldy, Tuesdays are anything but “marketing days.” If you hear one of our phone calls on this kind of Tuesdays, you’ll assume that I am the Head of the Marketing Department and I am about to lay off Yiannis. Strangely, he puts up with my threatening phone calls and in the end, the Clio Muse Marketing department always has a solid plan.

In any case, if you book Yiannis on a Tuesday for something irrelevant to marketing goals, you most probably find your appointment canceled by yours truly.