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5 Greek Easter traditions you should know (and experience)!

Are you on holy-days in Greece?

Leaving behind the catholic Easter and waiting the Orthodox one, we dig into some special customs, traditions, and delicacies you can experience this time of the year when in Greece.


Mani, Mani, Mani, must be yummy.

mani easter

Boasting a spectacular coastline, scenic villages, olive groves and beautiful houses, Mani is a must-see and explore destination for, literally, every season of the year, Easter included.

One of the most typical Easter customs of Mani is kneading. The women of Mani, start kneading their yummy buns with seven-leavened dough for all people at home, their relatives and friends, even for those that are not present.

On the same day, the custom of red eggs has an extra layer of mystery in Mani, as the women who dye them, lay one of them under the ground and take it out on Easter Sunday. From the stains formed in the egg, rumor has it that some can predict the future.





Santorini, born to shine.

heidi kaden kYxgm42SQso unsplash

Santorini is a unique place that triggers and amazes its visitors’ senses. Apart from its -more than famous- sunsets, its renowned volcano, and the jaw-dropping views of the Caldera, if you are in Santorini during the Greek Easter, you will enjoy an authentic experience with unique local customs and traditions.

On Holy Friday, the locals of medieval Pyrgos village put hundreds of flaming cans along the way of the Epitaphios procession (imitation of the Christs’ funeral bier), illuminating the whole island and offering a mesmerizing flair to this day’s reverence for non-believers, too.


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Nafpaktos, you are on fire.

Nafpaktos easter

Nestled in a bay on the north coast of the Gulf of Corinth, Nafpaktos is a beautiful and picturesque town in western Greece. The Venetian Castle on top of the hill and the scenic harbor form a magic scenery that hides lots of beauty, charm, history, and zeal.

Such zeal is apparent during the Holy Friday when all the Epitaph processions arrive at the“flaming” port. The local fishermen arrive by sea, transporting the religious symbols. All the street lights are turned off while the castle shines and illuminates Nafpaktos and its sea with several fires around its walls.


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Preveza is a smash Easter hit.

IMG 0698 1

IMG 0698 1

Sea and mountain views that will amaze you, unique archaeological sites and castles that will engage you, all of them in this beautiful Epirus city waiting for you to explore. If you happen to be in Preveza during Easter time, enjoy its lively mood and celebrating spirit that you will experience will all your senses, especially…your ears.

In Preveza, the locals and visitors break hundreds of clay pots on Holy Saturday at 12:00 celebrating the -so-called- First Resurrection Service. In the picturesque street of Saitan Pazar, in the heart of the city, the shop owners initiate the pot smashing, announcing and spreading the good news to the city.


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Rhodes with a mission on the road.

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes

The largest of Greece’s Dodecanese islands features breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, and architectural landmarks. Rhodes’ medieval-style suits perfectly the Easter mystery and spirit, hosting some quite interesting traditions and customs.

“Vourna” is one of them. Starting on Holy Saturday as a three-day mission, the tradition invites single men to follow a series of rules and regulations. The ritual begins on Holy Saturday and finishes on Easter Monday, with offenders being punished by dunking in a “vourna” (a trough filled with water) with their clothes on.


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