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Travel small talk with Konstantina Alexopoulou

Konstantina Alexopoulou is our Operations Assistant Manager, and her small talk is a dose of travel inspiration.


When and where did you last travel?

My last trip was a business trip to Frankfurt (Germany) three months ago. Although it was for work, I managed to see several of the city’s sights and get to know the culture of the people. Frankfurt‚Äôs old town was fascinating, as the harmonious architectural mixture calls to mind the moving history of Frankfurt. The view and the historical significance of the Cathedral Tower, the outstanding exhibits of Dommuseum, and last but not least, the imposing skyscrapers made my stay there particularly educational and constructive.


How do you describe yourself as a traveler?

I couldn’t describe myself as a world traveler since I have yet to do as many trips abroad as I would like. If I could describe myself using only three adjectives, I would be an adventurous, flexible, and open-minded traveler.


What are your 2023 travel goals?

My 2023 travel goal would be to go to the Netherlands, a beautiful country with a rich culture and a diverse landscape. I would be excited to see the tulip fields, the canals, and charming old cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht!


Which is your favorite Clio Muse Tour?

My favorite audio tour is St. George Castle: the guardian of Lisbon. The way it highlights Lisbon and the stories told at every stop made me feel like I was there! It’s one of the tours I listened to some time ago.

  • Duration: 1h 10min
  • Audio available in 6 languages
$ 8,55 per person


What does travel mean to you?

Traveling to me is a way of life. It is an opportunity to explore the world, experience different cultures and meet new people. It is essential to personal growth and learning about ourselves and others and gives some lovely memories!


Which is your dream destination?

Egypt has always been a dream destination for me. This region has been on my wish list for years since I admire its great heritage, civilization, architecture, and cultural treasure. The archaeological beauty and grandeur of the remaining temples, monuments, and tombs, combined with the delicious food, cuisines, and wildlife, are the main reasons for making Egypt my dream destination.

  • Audio available in 1 language
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