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giorgos smalltalk

Travel small talk with Giorgos

Giorgos Chatzigeorgakidis always focuses on the experience; A frictionless experience for our users and a slow, authentic, and immersive travel experience for himself. Giorgos is an urban lover, music aficionado, and local flavors enthusiast, always with the most exciting Clio Muse stories on his headphones.


Follow his steps.


When and where did you last travel?  

My last big trip was to Spain in March 2020. Starting in Madrid, I made my way to Toledo and eventually to Barcelona. It certainly was an interesting journey, as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic during my visit, so by the end of my trip, I’d witnessed places I’d visited a couple of days before shutting down. With the pandemic ongoing, I haven’t traveled abroad in more than two years.

Nonetheless, I got to see Goya’s work, strolled in parks, visited medieval sights, met friends, admired Gaud√≠’s architecture, attended a feminist cooperative, and even participated in the International Women’s Day march.


How do you describe yourself as a traveler? 

One who takes his time exploring cities, sights, and local food. Half the day is usually spent inside a museum, trying not to rush or skim through exhibits. For the rest of the day, I enjoy taking long walks in the city and visiting restaurants where locals like to eat. Sometimes I’ll squeeze a concert or two into my vacation, especially if it’s bands that did not include Athens in their tour dates.


What are your 2022 travel goals? 

No specific goals and no concrete plans either. Spontaneous long-weekend getaways to nearby places should do the trick. I guess the main travel goal for this year is to plan extensive travel for 2023 to make up for vacations lost during the pandemic.


Which is your favorite Clio Muse Tour? 

Lengthy walks in urban environments are almost always part of my travel routine, so I find city tours most exciting. The¬†Amsterdam City Tour¬†brings back fond memories of the city, and I’ll definitely be taking it on-site when I revisit in the future.


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