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Piazza Venezia - virtual trip in Rome

5 Reasons to Experience Clio Muse Virtual Tour in Rome

Why take a virtual trip in Rome?

Have you ever wanted to visit Rome, but could not travel here? When circumstances do not allow you to take the trip of your dreams, you can always use technology and travel anywhere from the comfort of your living room. Take an immersive virtual tour through Rome and see ten Roman sites -the ones you have probably dreamed of seeing- coming alive on your screen! Clio Muse virtual tour experience combines an audio guide with interactive panoramic photos that offer a truly unique experience. The designated route in different points of interest along with the stories the guide narrates at each stop gives you the feeling that you are on a walking tour around Rome.

The Art of Touring

Follow the tour guide’s directions from and to each spot as if you were really there. Not only it’s easy and fun to use but it also helps you situate yourself within the Italian capital. You can feel yourself walking alongside the tour guide. This brings you into the experience and prepares you for the moment you’ll be actually walking in Rome’s streets. All you need to do is pour yourself a glass of Chianti.

Clio Muse Rome Virtual Tour experience

With many years of experience in the tourism sector, the tour guide knows well how to connect with his audience. He uses pop culture references and real-life stories about the places you are visiting keeping your interest alive along the way. You’ll learn how some of the spots were used in movies as well as other modern-day cultural references. Did you know that at the Piazza Venezia, you can see the platform where the police officers stand on in the movie “To Rome with Love“?

Trevi Fountain - virtual trip in Rome
Imagine you toss a coin in the Trevi Fountain

History on the tour

Through a wide range of stories, the tour guide places each spot within a historical context. You’ll listen about the history of the place, its role over the centuries and why it is considered significant to the city of Rome. These stories help each individual relate to the attractions and landmarks through their own view. It brings the tour into a deeper context. Each narrative is crafted to help you connect with the story of the city building depth and curiosity along the way. Find out how the composition of concrete saved the dome of the Pantheon from collapsing while you take a closer look at the historical monument.

The Pantheon - virtual trip in Rome
See the Pantheon

Tips for your Rome virtual tour

The tips section on some of the places brings you further into the experience. It allows you to feel like you are standing in front of each spot. At the Fountain of Trevi, the tour guide tells you that a coin tossed in the fountain is a pledge that you will come back to Rome. All you have to do is turn your back to the fountain, close your eyes and throw a coin. At the end of each night, the coins are collected and given to various charities. While you are visiting the Piazza Monte Citorio the tour guide tells you about a famous gelato spot called “Giolitti.” It has the yummiest gelato in Rome. Doesn’t it feel like you can taste a refreshing ball of ice cream already? These and other tips are given throughout the tour and if you ever find yourself roaming around the Roman streets, they will definitely come in handy.

 Madama Palace - virtual trip in Rome
Pass by the Madama Palace

Ciao! Until Next Time!

You can visit Italy without leaving the comfort of your home! This Clio Muse tour creates an illusion that you are taking a walking tour of Rome. You become fully immersed in the tour allowing your surroundings to melt away. It expertly combines audio-guided stories with impressive panoramic photography.