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Educational Quiz

Clio Muse Tours has a New Feature

Our versatile technologies are sustainable and scalable allowing us to expand them with new features. And we love taking advantage of the endless potential that they offer and use them to upgrade the travel experience.

Clio Muse Educational Quiz is the latest of our developments. A multiple-choice quiz that can be integrated into any of our existing tours. A fun and at the same time educational feature that can be a powerful tool for museums and educational institutions.

Every Clio Muse audio tour and virtual tour experience consist of numerous stories that guide users to selected points of interest. Placed at the end of each point of interest, the quiz questions are equally distributed throughout the audio tour. Users can see their overall score at the end of the tour experience. So far, we have added a multiple choice quiz with a set of 4 possible answers at the Acropolis tour and to 6 more destinations in other European countries.

sarajevo 1
Part of the dark tourism tours Clio Muse has prepared for the EC-funded project RePAST

Gamifying an educational audio tour has significant commercial potential. It allows tour authors to use their creativity in their customer engagement strategy and improve their products.

Our crafted narrations unravel historical facts and unknown stories behind monuments, sites and attractions that compose our cultural heritage. Implementing a quiz not only engages users but it also helps us understand if our narrations are well comprehended giving us important insights to improve our methodology.

Clio Muse Quiz can be easily implemented in the already published audio tours and we’re happy to see that our partners and tour authors are already embracing our new feature.