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Presenting GRACE educational platform

A few days ago, Clio Muse Tours, in collaboration with KMOP, presented the toolkit of the GRACE program in a vivid webinar with participants from the arts and culture sector who were interested in learning more about the program and its tools. 

Christina Ntaltagianni (Head of Content) from Clio Muse Tours and Eirianna Dragona (Education Administrator-Project Manager) from KMOP hosted this online workshop that 45 participants actively attended. 


The webinar, held in Greek, started with Eirianna Dragona introducing the participants to the initiative. GRACE – “Strengthening the digital competencies of cultural and creative microenterprises to set in motion their creativity and innovation in the digital era” is a European action funded by the Erasmus+ Program Strategic Partnerships in Education of EU adults. The project aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises and professionals in the arts and culture sectors to face the difficulties caused by the pandemic in their professional life activity and become more competitive in the digital age. 

Within the program context,  an educational platform was created, gathering the most critical and valuable practical information for the arts and culture enterprises to explore, and adopt in their practices. Clio Muse Tours undertook the technical implementation of the platform, using and customizing the open-source learning management system Moodle.

Christina Ntaltagianni talked in detail about the goal of the platform, the implementation strategy that was based on collaborative, online learning and innovative education methods and tools, and presented the four main education units: 

  1. Understanding digital entrepreneurship for the arts and culture sector
  2. Promoting your business online
  3. Creating and communicating digital content 
  4. Collaborating and networking 

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Following Christina´s presentation regarding the methodological background and strategy behind this new and innovative tool, Eirianna logged in to showcase the platform to the participants and answer all their questions and concerns. As noted by both hosts, the platform and the program, in general, aspired to equip cultural and creative micro-entrepreneurs with digital competencies to successfully position their businesses in the digital era and advance their competitiveness and growth. 


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The ease of use and the multiple possibilities that the GRACE educational platform offers to its users aim to create a non-formal educational space for open and collaborative learning and communication and a reservoir of best practices and other resources for micro-businesses that everyone, no matter their digital knowledge, can join and make use of.


*The webinar and all the workshops organized in the context of GRACE are free of charge, and the participants get a certificate of attendance. 

** For more information about the initiative, please follow its official website: