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dimitra smalltalk

Travel small-talk with Dimitra

An ice-breaker, light and informal conversation that requires no significant effort or focus. When it comes to travel, though, a small talk can generate great inspiration, and at Clio Muse Tours we love to be inspired, especially when it comes to exploring the world.

Dimitra Giannopoulou, Junior Android Developer, shares her travel plans with us!


When and where did you last travel? 

I’ve been visiting France for the last couple of years, but it feels more like a family visit than a traveling experience. Therefore, I would like to mention Cuba as the last destination I visited back in 2019. My sister turned 30 that year, and she decided that she wanted to make a big trip outside Europe – I was her travel buddy! It was a unique and revealing experience.


How do you describe yourself as a traveler? 

I most enjoy traveling with friends and exploring the local and traditional ways of living in each destination. I must admit that I avoid museums (except for some must-see), and I seek culinary experiences, outdoor meet markets, and, why not, music happenings. In addition, I would describe myself as an organized person; therefore, I always plan my trip before arrival, even though surprises are more than welcome :). 


What are your 2022 travel goals? 

I have already planned a short trip to Cyprus for a family visit, but in general, being restricted the last two years due to COVID-19 made me want to revive the beauty of Greece and visit places inside the country this year. It is an excellent opportunity to plan small and often-occurring excursions and visit the Greek islands. In this way, I believe that I will charge my batteries and get ready for more extensive trips in the following years.


Which is your favorite Clio Muse Tour? 

Mykonos: Find your (queer) god. 

Alternative and diverse, the “Find your (queer) god” audio tour is an unusual way to explore some beaches (great motive) of the well-known greek island of Mykonos while learning about mythology, getting familiar with the liberated spirit of the gods of Greek mythology and identifying your self with them through their stories. I haven’t been to Mykonos yet, and as it is said that it is a beautiful island with a controversial reputation (something that sparks my interest), that tour is a great motivation.


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