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Museums and Clio Muse

Tour Experience: Your Tour, One Click Away!

A tour without limits!

Tour Experience is the new and innovative way to take a tour by Clio Muse!
The digital tour is available with the use of just one link. The user by clicking on the link can access directly a specific tour with no need to download or use Clio Muse app!

Tour Experience is a tool that offers even greater flexibility to Museums, Cultural Organizations or Institutions, etc. Specifically:

1. The user can experience the tour via the browser of any electronic device connected to the Internet (computers, smartphones, or tablets) without downloading and using the app.

Audio Tours
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Audio available in 3 languages
$ 12,82 per person

2. Tour Experience provides the same experience and functionality with the app, except for the offline tour.

3. The Tour Experience technology can be used as an addition to the official website of an organization in order to promote its exhibitions and events, or even as an archive of past exhibitions.

4. There is absolute freedom in the choice of the colours for the tour so that they coordinate with the colour palette and design of the exhibition or the institution.

  • Duration: 1h 50min
  • Audio available in 6 languages
$ 12,82 per person

5. In combination with the Clio Muse app we can achieve a complete experience of discovery for the visitors.

Tour Experience presents new creative opportunities and ways to interact with visitors.  The discovery journey escapes the boundaries of the app and continues in all the electronic devices of the users!