The Treasures of the Vatican Museums

Rome, Italy

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Let’s set out to explore the stunning galleries of the Vatican Museums.

Marveling at the iconic treasures of the Vatican, you’ll discover the very heart of the Italian Renaissance.

The Vatican, one of Rome’s must-see attractions, invites you on a stirring journey full of history, art and more art!


  • The Laocoön | inv 1059

    1. The Laocoön | inv 1059

    The Laocoön group is an emblematic work portraying human agony. A distressed figure is presented wrestling with sea serpents, which swirl about his tortured limbs.
  • The School of Athens

    2. The School of Athens

    The School of Athens, one of Raphael’s most famous frescoes, is a celebration of the great philosophers who defined Western thinking. Who’s who?
  • The Creation of Man by Michelangelo

    3. The Creation of Man by Michelangelo

    When the Sistine Chapel ceiling was commissioned to Michelangelo, many would have expected him to fall flat, being less accustomed to painting than he was to sculpting. Yet, it proved to be his greatest triumph!

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Ami Badami

I am an internal and authorized tour guide for the Vatican, Vatican City Europe, and professional artist. In the mornings I take people through Michelangelo's masterpieces....the evenings, embark on my own artistic journey.

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Address Entrance to the Museums on Viale Vaticano (northern side of the Vatican Wall)
Starting point Entrance to the Vatican museums
Finishing point Exit to the Vatican Museums (next to the entrance, Viale Vaticano street)
Areas Pineone Courtyard, Pio Clementine Museum, Gallery of the Candellabras, Gallery of the Tapestries, Gallery of the Maps, Sobieski Room, Room of the Immaculate Conception, Raphael Rooms, Contemporary Art and Borgia Apartments, Sistine Chapel
Opening hours Monday through Saturday, 9am to 6pm. The entrance doors close at 4:00 pm. Last Entrance into the Sistine Chapel is 5:30pm. The last Sunday of the month the Museums are free (not recommended to visit at this time). From April to October, the Vatican is also open in the evenings from 7-11pm. Some sections, however, such as the Pinacoteca, are closed. Closed: on Sundays and religious holidays
Additional admission Full price ticket: Euro 21,00. Reduced ticket: Euro 12,00.
Comments The Vatican Museums entrance is accessible from Viale Vaticano 00165 Roma RM, Italy on the northern side of the city state. Metro: Line A, Ottaviano-S. Pietro Station Bus: 40, 64, 62, 81, stop Viale Vaticano/ Musei Vaticani Tram: 19 to Piazza Risorgimento

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