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“Tinos, the Aegean Muse” awarded at the Best City Awards 2022!  

Endless blue, pretty villages, rich culture, and history, outstanding Cycladic charm. 

Tinos is one of the most beautiful, fascinating, and rising Greek summer destinations that is worth a place on your travel bucket list, whether you have already visited it or not. 

Clio Muse Tours is always open to creative and relevant collaborations that share a common ground: the promotion of a place’s cultural identity through unknown or less known stories, and a unique narrative that engages its visitors. In this regard, about a year ago, we had the opportunity to meet and work with a group of people that share the same passion for a destination that is much more than interesting, it is indeed a Muse. Along with The Story Tailors and the Municipality of Tinos, we created a free/virtual tour for the island of Tinos with 10 stops, 30 stories, and many more fragments of heritage, history, art, gastronomy, and architecture waiting to be explored. 


  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Audio available in 2 languages


Last week, we were more than happy to receive, along with our partners, the Bronze Award at the Best City Awards 2022, organized by Boussias Communications. Under the category “Virtual Tours & Digital Guides”, our joint effort managed to stand out among many significant participants. 


Let the Aegean Muse inspire your journey!