Tinos. The Aegean Muse


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Tinos. The Aegean Muse


  • 1 hour
  • 30 stories
  • 66km distance
  • 10 stops

Tinos, the Aegean Muse, inspires your journey. Discover the cultural heritage, history, art, gastronomy, and enchanting landscape of the island with a tour that takes you through villages of unparalleled beauty, ornate buildings, and impressive dovecotes that stand unscathed by the passage of time.

Municipality of Tinos

The Municipality of Tinos offers unique experiences to visitors and residents in order to reveal the known ans unknown facets of the island, the local art, architecture, and tradition as well as the gastronomy, the warm hospitality, and nature.

Inclusions and Exclusions



Mandatory items

  • Charged smartphone
  • Headphones

The location


The port of Tinos

Starting point

Kionia (beach)

Directions to starting point

The main port is located in Chora. You can access it by foot if you are in Chora, or by bus or car if you come from another village on the island.


  • Chora
  • Arnados
  • Falatados
  • Volax
  • Loutra
  • Tarampados
  • Kardiani
  • Ysternia
  • Pyrgos
  • Kionia

Important information

Opening hours

24/7 (better before sunset)

Recommended visiting hours

24/7 (better before sunset)

Additional admission

the ticket for museums is not included

Know before you go

  • Mobile signal may be weak at the site(s). Download your audio tour on your smartphone prior to your visit to fully enjoy it.
  • Ensure that your smartphone is fully charged and that you bring your earphones.

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